Monday, February 19, 2007


Pictures from Jing's birthday's eve a.k.a. The Puking Episode...

Before leaving the house...

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We were already running late, but yet, we had to take some pictures before leaving. -_-

And beyond this, are all pictures of Jing and I!!! Teeny was too busy playing with her new Sony Ericsson handphone.

Or maybe we are just bigger camwhores, hah.

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Birthday girl and I.

And I was the one who drove to Luna Bar, being personally coached by the boyfriend the night before (i.e, trial drive to and fro with him in the passenger seat)...

... And still I managed to get lost.


Somemore it was raining heavily that night, so it was even more panicking for me. When I realised I was lost, I called him in a frenzy.

When he asked me where I was...
"I don't know! KL!??"

Then he asked me for any landmarks that I saw...
"Er.. Buildings! Very tall wan! Um, got a bank!"

Hee. My boyfriend has the patience of a saint. :)

But alas, I managed to get us safe and sound at our point of destination. *beams with pride*

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Luna Bar.

It was my first time at Luna actually, as all my previous attempts at planning a Luna outing have failed. As there were only the three of us, we were offered a cozy corner (two big sofas for 3 of us, yo!), though we would have much preferred the poolside seats.

We had dinner first, then drinks after. :)

Oh, and we ordered a cocktail called the Space Cookie! Or something to that effect. I can never resist anything with cookies!


It tasted like oreo shake! With a faint hint of alcohol. I guess as far as alcoholic drinks go, it was pretty tasty. :)

And I have something to confess... I am not a big fan of alocohol. Hmm, how do I explain it. More accurately, I do not like the taste of alcohol. I am those who when orders cocktails, pores over the menu for extremely girly/fruity drinks, to minimise the alcohol taste. I do like the effects of alcohol though (in moderation), therefore, to be honest, I prefer shots, whereby I can just down the liquor fast and easy and get happy-drunk instantly! ;)

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And the cocktail was freaking HUGE!

And we started playing with whipped cream...

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We easily took 4 or 5 shots, much to the amusement of the ongoing waiters. ;)

And I took a picture with a sign that said "Luna Bar", and Teeny told me that she wants to photoshopped away the "Bar", and add the words "TIC" to it. -_-

As it was the eve to CNY eve, Luna Bar was relatively quiet. Soon, we were running around to different seats to take photos. :P

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I felt like a geisha, heheh.

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Erm, sky!

And due to my entirely impulsive shopping ways, I did not try on the dress I've had on during the night, which lead to the fact that I failed to notice that the sleeves were too big for me. Which lead to the fact that I felt like I was an extra in Gladiator the whole night.

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Gladiator me.

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And I found a a new good angle! We were simply contorting our bodies for new ways to take pictures, and I found out that when I turn around for pics, I don't look half-bad. ;)

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Dipping in the pool!

And at the strike of midnight, we had Jing taking on a Flaming Lamborghini! Hello, 18 wor, of course must start with a bang!

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She already looked drunk. -_-

And after that, when the waiter found out that today was her birthday, he made her a Waterfall, on the house!

Which was why Jing ended up vomiting in the car.

In the car.
Jing (passenger seat): "I wanna vomit."
Me (driving): "Whaaa...."
Jing: *proceeds to vomit pools of stuff with me talking mid-breath and looking at her sideways in horror*

Let's not talk 'bout depressing stuff anymore.

Picture of all three of us together! :)

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I actually took some pictures of Luna Bar, but I decided not to post them up, as anyone who hasn't been to Luna Bar before deserves to witness the bar in awe with his or her own eyes. :)

Pictures from the next morning (Jing's official birthday), breakfast at Paddington's House of Pancakes, before Jing went out with her friends.

Teeny was an utter traitor, 'cause she ffk-ed us to meet her best friend who was back from National Service.

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You can see both of our drinks here, Jing (weight-conscious, cheapskate): plain water; and me (caffeine-conscious): cappuccino.

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Us, doing the "Bunny".

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Ooook, I just realized she does it in every picture. o_O


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Picture taken from Luna Bar.

One day I will know my way around KL. :)


I am feeling very sad and melancholic now. I have exactly one week before I leave for Melbourne once more. In fact, less than a week, since it's already Tuesday now.

I have the same feeling as the last time, right before I left. That panicked feeling, feeling that time is slipping through my fingers, feeling that I have to race against time, that I have to do as much as I can. The twangs of nolstagia in whatever I do, the sentimental choked-up emotions rushing over me like a sudden heat-wave.

And everytime I am with him, my overdrive brain just thinks that "Oh my god, soon I won't be with him."

People tell me that 4 months plus will fly.
He tells me that.
Heck, even I tell myself that.

But you see.

I don't want to be apart in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Did you know, I was going to get a dress that was similar to yours? Only the sleeves were thick ribbon straps instead, hee. I love the print design on the silky skirt.

The last few days of being at home are always anxious ones. Don't worry, it will settle down and it will be lovely to be back in Melbourne for a while. :)

Anonymous said...

hui wen i hate you! where do u get all your dresses? (and shoes?) when i went to melbourne i didnt see any really nice things and i lost faith in australia wtf.

revel in me said...

xahra: OH MY GOODNESS!! Serious??? I would much prefer the dress with ribbon straps! The sleeves are too big for me. =( And how much is it going for in melb? And oooooh, I LUUUURVE the print of the dress too! I fell in love with it instantly, which was why I made the booboo to not try it beforehand. Did you know Eva Longoria wore something similar?? I found out yesterday, hahaha. And silk yum yum! :P

And thanks dear, your words did comfort me a bit. :) Hope what you say is true. =)

aud: Why you hate me larr!! I am such a nice person. Hehe! :P
Hmm, I get my clothes and shoes from all around, but I think the stuff that you see on my blog currently are a mixture of M'sia stuff and melb stuff...

And melb stuff is *quite* expensive la, unless you are 1. filthy rich, or 2. know where to go.. ;)

Ok, to tell you the truth, I have this problem: When I was in Melbourne, I felt that Melbourne was the best place to shop, and when I am back in M'sia, I feel that M'sia is the best place to shop. -_-

So I think I am gonna die when I go back to Melbourne!! =p