Wednesday, February 21, 2007



I just realized that I am a tad obssessive.

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Houndtooth print.
Can you spot my houndtooth button earrings? ;)

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My button earrings' craze. And this is excluding earrings that my sister has borrowed that I couldn't find.
And spot the lonesome earring, which I lost the other side! :(

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Again, excluding 2-3 red polka-dotted tops I left in Melbourne, and red polka-dotted stuff of my sister and my mom.
And don't even let me get started on other colors' polka dotted items! o_O

Crazy lar me.
And I wanted to take a picture of all the shoes that I have bought since I came back from Melbourne, but I couldn't find 3 (or more? I don't remember what I bought. -_-) pairs of shoes!!!

After climbing left and right and running up and down (yea, we keep our shoes upstairs too), I managed to find 2 pairs, but the other pair seems to be lost forever. :(

Need to ask my maid tomorrow. I am only afraid that I forgot to bring it back from Singapore! Fuck, and I haven't even worn the shoes yet!

Angry angry angry.

So no pictures of my shoes because we (the shoes and I) are in mourning wtf.

Shopping today again. The money in my sisters' ang paos were screaming "Let me out! Let me out!"

I was more disciplined. I went to OU with the sole purpose of getting something for my boyfriend, a gift to congratulate him,'cause he's starting work tomorrow!!! :)

I got him a tie, which he loved! I was so happy, 'cause it is so freaking RARE that we share the same taste in clothes-- I am relatively adventurous/funky/colorful/loud, whereas he is an epitome of the word conservationist. He always gives me the raised-eyebrow look whenever we shop together, pffft.

But I got him a bold stripey tie with classy colors! And these were his exact words: "I LOVE IT!"

Nguek nguek nguek, I am such a wonderful girlfriend.

Btw, I got one top and a belt for myself. ;)

In Forever21.

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We were discussing where to go for our lunch.
We were so hungry, hence the garang looks.

Just posting nonsensical, self-indulgent pictures in Secret Recipe, 'cause after I go back to Melbourne, I'll be without my best camwhoring kaki.

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Please try the Australian Cheese Fries in Secret Recipe!!! Soooooo good.
Why don't have this dish in Melbourne wan. :(

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Teeny was grouchy 'cause I took her picture.
I think it's 'cause she didn't have make up on! ;)

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My White Caramel Iced Mocha.

I have been ordering drinks very often whenever I eat out nowadays, 'cause my logic is, when I go back to Aussie, the prices of the drinks will be 3 timesfold ('cause it's dollar for dollar). :P

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Can you see the faint hint of a tummy??!!!
Darn CNY.

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And heehee, both Jing and I were wearing babydoll tops-- I wore shorts underneath, while Jing had on a miniskirt-- so we both looked like we didn't have any bottoms on!

Fashion fiasco lar us. ;D

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I had on a gold unicorn necklace, please take note, it's not the sale stock from Diva k!!! :(
I got it from Japan. *strokes the unicorn charm protectively*

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The camera loves me.
That's why it cuts Jing off.

In Topshop.

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Both of us had the same jumper/smock top on!

Teeny got hers already.
I think I am going back to get it soon. ;)

And wow, I am dating a GROWN-UP MAN already!!!

I am going to be one of those young girls in college dating a sugardaddy, wahaha. *self-delusional, thinks self still very young*

Baby, work hard hard k.

I'll send you the Chanel catalogue soon.


Anonymous said...

i got that tunic top from topshop too! in the same colour as your sis! i've got such good taste in clothes, everyone wants to buy similiar stuff, haha =D

Anonymous said...

i found your blog from the selltrade_kl site. you write interesting posts and with lotsa camwhore pics! i like!!

keep it up :)

tze said...

ooohhh i saw you wtf.

revel in me said...

jaclyn:I just bought the tunic top today! :P

And it doesn't mean you have good taste, just that you have generic preferences. ;)

anonymous: Awww, thank you, dear! You can't imagine how much you brightened my night with your lovely compliment! :)

I WILL keep it up! *runs to take more camwhore pics wtf* :P

tze: I SAW YOU TOO!!! What are the chances of us both using the same makeup, gila fated hahaha. And you made me damn sad lar, I now wish I bought the pencil eyeliner, instead of the pot one, 'cause it would be much cheaper! :(