Saturday, February 17, 2007

We belong together.

Remember when we were young, we used to tell each other that if the other is a member of the opposite sex, we would have married each other?

And what about the time when we kissed each other on the lips because we were curious to know how a kiss felt like, and after that, we promised never to tell anyone?


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You have been at my side for as long as I remembered.
The ugly red alien-looking thing that mommy brought back one day, I looked at you distastefully.

Little did I know that a couple of years down the road, the ugly baby has became my faithful partner in everything, whether it was Barbie-playing, masak-masak, stealing mommy's Famous Amos cookies and granny's Kickapoo, and now, shopping, gossiping, binging, camwhoring and clothes-sharing.

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Murni moments.

I still remember crawling into your bed on nights that I got nightmares, much to your disgruntled snores.
And back then when we used to share a room, and we always talk till the wee hours, and cheekily making fun of grampies, who would at any minute crash into our room to order us to shut up and go to sleep.

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What about how we used to steal the sofa cushion seats from our old sofa, and made it our Barbies' home because daddy and mommy didn't want to buy us a proper house for our babies..?

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I've shared everything with you, my dreams, my fears, my crushes, my qualms, my pet peeves, everything.

And till this day, I still believe you know me best.

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You amazed me that day in S'pore, when I got served kuay teow with sweet sauce and ketchup, and you offered me your chicken rice, whereas you had to wash off the noodles in soup so that it would be edible.
I asked you, "Why? You didn't have to do it!"
And you told me it's 'cause you know I don't like sweet sauce.

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Something so minor and insignificant, and I highly doubt anyone would realize, but yet you did.

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You know how I like to eat my foods, for example, when I finish my egg yolk, it usually means I am going to end my meal; you know about my hygiene obsession, you even know how I will react to certain things.

And let's not start on shopping.

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I still fear the day it comes when we can't do our shopping together anymore, because sure as hell, we will buy the exact same things! So many times, we went out on separate shopping trips, came back and gushed to each other the things we like, and in the end, we find out that we actually eyed the exact same things.

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I love it that we share clothes-- it's a known fact to both of us that with our wardrobes combined, we are invincible. That is why when I left for Melbourne, you were depressed not only for my departure, but also my clothes'.

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You call me Bebuli, for some strange reason, which evades me till now, until I am just known as "Boo" to you. Every sms you send to me starts with a "Boo!!!". And we will sing Alicia Key's and Usher's "My Boo" loudly in the car when it comes on, 'cause it's my song.

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We always talk about how we are the best sisters in the world, in terms of how we click, and how much we complement each other. It's a known fact, isn't it? :) So many friends of you and I have came up to us and told us that they envy the bond that we share.

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Sometimes, I feel like you are me, and me, you; for that's how alike we are. At least, in quite a number of aspects. Up till 2 months ago whereby you cut your hair, we still have people claiming that we are twins!

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In fact, we always joke that we must never let each other's boyfriend get too close to the other, for we are so similar-- what if our boyfriends fall for the other one instead!?? ;)

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You were the one who sent me a long sms when I left for Melbourne, telling me that you were sitting on the armchair in my room, and crying alone. I cried and weeped when I saw that message. That sms is gone now, along with the handphone that I lost. But the sentiments remained.

I can't live without you.

I was lying in bed last night, and I just imagined that someday, perhaps you or I have to migrate to another country, and we will be separated, and I started tearing. 'Cause I would lose a best friend, and so much more.

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You are beyond a sister to me, more than a friend, and always a soulmate. Can we please still be sisters in our next life? And the one after that? And the one after that one? And many many many more after that? :)

Happy 18th birthday, sweetiepie.
Buli loves you.



Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *weeps* ;) So sweet larh honey but then hor, you can always pick more flattering pictures of moi y'know! If tak cukup,do tell me; we'll jst camwhore a lil more! =DDD

I'm sooo gonna miss you wardrobe! ='( Owh, and you too la of course! *gulps*

PS: I thought you promised not to tell anyone we kissed? *pouts* ;P

PPS: I love you loads loads, you're the absolute cunnest! =D

revel in me said...

Aiya, all you pictures also look like that... :P

And I love you too! *huggies* :)

(*kiss on lips* WAHAHA)

mizzvickz said...

even though i'm not your sister, this post is super sweeeet.