Sunday, March 04, 2007

All choked up.

I had my first choking experience today. :(

I was happily chewing on a piece of ox tongue, which was obscenely huge and long, when suddenly, I accidentally swallowed, and almost two thirds of it was lodged in my throat!

I was choking and holding my throat, eyes bulging, while the girls looked on in horror.

I was sort of running out of breath, possibly partly due to the fact that I was panicking. I remember being torn between trying to swallow the whole thing in, or to try and dislodge it.

In the end, I just reached my fingers into my throat and pulled out one long string of chewed up ox tongue, while sputtering mashed grains of rice all over the table. I remember feeling the bumpy texture of the tongue slithering past my throat as I yanked it out in one swift albeit not so graceful motion.


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Before having a tongue down my throat. Literally.


I am never gonna be greedy again. :(

And I am doomed. :(

Shopping in Melbourne is fantastic, sensational, and mindblowingly good.
I know it sounds like sex, but shopping does give me such a high! :D

Even I have to admit I bought quite alot of stuff today. *sheepish*

Screw what I said about limited wardrobe space, acquiring pretty attire is more crucial. ;)

But I am damn pissed though. GROWL.
I got a corset top in Selfridge back in M'sia for over RM100 plus, and an exact copy with a sash somemore is going in Melbourne for AUD10!
So was another top that I got in Topshop that cost RM133.


Damn pissssssssed.
*proceeds to snarl and chews on table*

Nonetheless, I have exerted much self control today! There were a few more things that I tried on which I looked good in, but I managed to hold back.
Till next week. :P

In Supre. Trying to take my mind off the cute pinafore and plaid skirt that I wanted.

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Nah. Not working!

Next week, next week! :D

And I MUST remember to do my laundry tomorrow. Else I will have to flip my undies inside out.


lovegoddess said...

wow..sounds like u have quite a nasty choke. u poor sweety.

like your red dress! cute and santarina-ish

Sing Yee said...

hola pretty! u poor thing...

by the way, wer exactly u got ur bedsheets from....i am not a fan of second hand userr..hehehe plus i am staying in sydney, not melbourne babe....wahahahahaha thanx for wanting to wash EVERYTHING FOR ME...;) thats very sweet of you~~

revel in me said...

lovegoddess: But I survived! :D And I wore the dress 'cause it was red and it was CAP GOH MEEII!! =p

sing yee: I got it from Target! :)

Monsta said...

Whoah.. glad that you're okie :)

revel in me said...

yellow_monstaL Thanks dear! It was scareeee! :(