Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I remember when I first arrived in Melbourne, I did a chocolate post...

And here I go again, despite me swearing and vowing to not consume too much chocolates this time around in Melbourne.

Chocolates that I consumed in span of a few days.

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It was going for 37 cents!
Yea, it was gonna expire soon, but HELLO??
Chocolates cannot keep wan what! It was gobbled straightaway! :D

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Max Brenner NEVER EVER disappoints me.

Rich chocolate frappe with peanut butter...
So thick and rich, it was almost like sucking on cold peanut butter, but yet, the chocolate and the penaut butter blended together so well!
I get cravings for it whenever I smell peanut butter. Unfortunately, my stupid flatmates always eat peanut butter toasts. :(

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Meet Happy Hippo!

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Happy Hippo needs a tweezing job.

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Hapy Hippo teman during assignment time.

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And THIS sends shivers up and down my spine!

Anyone who remotely knows me should know that my favourite ice cream EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER is Baskin Robbin's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

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I love anything with cookies, 'nuff said.

Unfortunately, reality bites. :( The cookie dough version of Kit Kat is a tad too sweet for my liking.

Sigh, back to Baskin Robbins then! ;)

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my grandmother, whose birthday just passed 2 days ago, who still drinks Sprite, eats french fries and chomp on Cadbury bars, Kit Kats and Godiva.

Here's to my grandmother, the 78-year-old chocolate lover. :)

And to all chocolate lovers out there...

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Taken at my favourite chocolate place, Max Brenner.


lovegoddess said...

wey..looking at the back ground chocolatety colour of the max brenner 'eat more chocs' wallpaper alone make me crave for chocs!

girl, good to know lin2 is yr junior. small world huh ?? :)

gossh.... i feel like 'da jie' during the competition! i m kinda like the oldest girl around o_O

Heck .. i m much older than those girls/boys whom i frequent visit their blog .. guess i m young at heart .. o_O

lovegoddess said...

eh.. sory fr being long-winded. frgt to ask ya'

May i ask wat camera u usg? Nikon? Sony? yr pics looks sharp :)

me lookg arnd fr one & so far narrowing down to Canon or Olympia after a mini-survey & stil comparing o_O

Monsta said...

the only choc i ever ate from australia was this kit kat easter bunny...

girl, educate me!

revel in me said...

lovegoddess: I use a canon Ixus! And I LOVE it! :) But I photoshop some of my pictures' lighting, especially when it's dark and stuff.. =)

yellow_monsta: What 'bout Tim Tams?????? How can anyone not eat Tim Tams???!!??? *emo*

And you should SO eat Max Brenner... I heard that there is a branch in S'pore! It has the best chocolate sauce EVER. And coupled with the belgian waffle, voila, to die for!

And hee, random, but I saw your Kit Kat easter bunny on sale that day! :P