Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Eat and shop maketh a happy woman.

I officially name Mrs. Field's soft cookies as the BEST IN THE WORLD.

White chocolate with macademia, milk chocolate, orgasmic!


Random pictures taken before I left for Melbourne...

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Check out the bruise on my knee!
Attention: I am NOT into sado-machoism.

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What reminiscing pictures would be complete without my favourite camwhoring toilet.
If you must ask, it's The Curve.

Vincci (Land of all things enticing)

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Teeny trying on 3-inches-high heels, and me in flat-as-pancakes flats.
Sometimes I wonder why I embarrass myself like this.

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Shoes bring women together.

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So THIS is why I am not fit to be a shoe model!
Cannot make it.

CNY dinner

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Nah, we are not at Barcelona.

Just having a traditional good old lou-sang!

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Notice the pathetic amount of chopsticks.
Everyone ffk-ed!

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Matching outfits! :)
I made a pact to wear red for every CNY occasion...
And I managed to achieve it! :P

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My boyfriend, my bag rack.


Remember I was in such deep yearning to club?

I did it! ;)

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Yea yea, I know my room looks like a boy's room.

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Jaclyn, who warned me that she's "dressed horribly and terribly", but showed up in a pink corset. -_-

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Outside Maison.
My shirt dress is too huge for me!
Argghhh, should have bought a smaller size.

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Kit Mey, whom I havn't seen for 3 months at that time.
Now, we share the same toothpaste. ;)

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Jing, who came along. :)
Her first clubbing experience, so cute!
'Cause Daddy Hoe is very very very strict.
Guess where he was that night!
Around the ruins of Angkor Wat! :P

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At the dance floor.
It was still early, and we were the only ones dancing on the podium!
Shameless. ;)

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And finally, a picture of the 4 flatmates.
Haihs, what's the point of this picture.
Now, everyday see each other until boring already. :P


And it was the Chadstone's VIP sale today. Trust me, it's not as glamorous as it sounds-- basically, every shop in Chadstone is on sale (ranging from 10% - 20% off for normal price items), and anyone can go.

Anyone who has a penchant for shopping.

Which translate to, me. :)

And I am screwed. =(
Bought so much stuff that I think I need to make another trip to Ikea soon. For another closet, y'see.

And remember I said I want to fill up my accessories' drawer unit?
Well, let's just say I am on my way there. :(

I didn't spend 'cause I am frivalous.
Or that I am a shopaholic.

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I shopped 'cause I miss a certain someone!
So I needed an outlet for my depression.

Yea, that must be it! ;)



Lynn said...

first i see you in midvalley, then i see you in maison, and now i see you here! goodness me, you're everywhere! :O lol.

liss said...


woman, i know your boyfriend!!
i shant say his name, in case it's supposed to be private or something- but we were from the same high school!

the world is way too small.

lovegoddess said...

wanna say this again : i like your blog ! constant updates.. eva so fresh and enlightening :)

u r so diligent & energetic - besides studying, having fun, etc. u make time to post yr blog regularly - love it !

my laziness is comparable to a sloth...... i hv a blog but still zilch in postings cuz i m so tired :( 80% of my time goes to work. by the time i m back home my body & mind automatically shuts down :(

Anonymous said...

Hey babe! You're looking good! Anyway I get two of the items from your sis! Pwetty!!!

revel in me said...

lynn: FATEness! :D

Did you see me around in melbourne? *scratches head* :P

liss: Ya, I knew that quite sometime ago! =p 'Cause I knew you were from SU, hehe.. =p My bf still remembers you! :P

lovegoddess: And I wanna say this again: Thank you sooooo much!! :D

Haha, I get to blog often now, 'cause the workload for my semester hasn't officially started yet! :P A

And wheeee, I am a happy sloth too! Wait till you see me perched in front of my laptop watching shows and munching on Tim Tams! :D

And I understand what you mean about constant lethargy when you work.. The last time I interned, I was constantly spend everyday.. :(
What are you working as? :)

Siew Wai: Thank you sweets! =) ANd I am so sorry 'bout the last necklace!!! I will make you anothing to make up for the wait k.. ANd I am so happy you like the pieces! :)