Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am a culinary goddess.

I baked some Snickers and chocolate muffins the day before.

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And oh, Lord, save me!

I am popping them like Popeye attacking his spinach!

And I just baked another batch, with more chocolate chunks inside...


Edit: I was talking to the boyfriend, and he praised that my muffins looked delicious in the picture.
So I told him, "Okay then, I'll have one on your behalf!"
Sort of like an honorary muffin, y'know.

So I just had another muffin.
At 2.30am.

Well, hello, big tummy.


KITMEY said...

Rabbit wen is feeding kitty well.
Keep it up with the muffins.

Monsta said...

mms, your site is bad bad bad

makes me wanna eat eat eat!

Anonymous said...

fat lah!!!! =DDDD
we should stop baking, our flat is growing sideways.

Anonymous said...

its the flat hair fats sigh