Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am a culinary goddess.

I baked some Snickers and chocolate muffins the day before.

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And oh, Lord, save me!

I am popping them like Popeye attacking his spinach!

And I just baked another batch, with more chocolate chunks inside...


Edit: I was talking to the boyfriend, and he praised that my muffins looked delicious in the picture.
So I told him, "Okay then, I'll have one on your behalf!"
Sort of like an honorary muffin, y'know.

So I just had another muffin.
At 2.30am.

Well, hello, big tummy.


*momo.berry said...

Rabbit wen is feeding kitty well.
Keep it up with the muffins.

yellow_monsta said...

mms, your site is bad bad bad

makes me wanna eat eat eat!

jaclyn said...

fat lah!!!! =DDDD
we should stop baking, our flat is growing sideways.

smalls said...

its the flat hair fats sigh