Friday, March 23, 2007

I died and went to heaven.

Like, seriously.

We made a trip to DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) today, finally.
We have heard so much about DFOs before this, but as DFOs are usually located in the middle of nowhere (one, for example, is situated near the airport, which would cost us a whopping UAD80-plus of cabfare just to get there!), and it just wasn't possible for us to visit one.

Until we found out that a new DFO was opened in the city.

DO I hear a whoop-dee-doooo? :D

I was just grinning like an idiot the whole night!

I bought so many beautiful, beautiful clothes, for such affordable prices... Scratch that, cheap and low prices!
To quote you an example, there was this top that I wanted to buy last semester, but in which I decided against because of its hefty AUD50 pricetag.

It was going for AUD9.95!
And as if that wasn't enough, it was buy-one-free-one!
So technically, I got the top for 5 bucks!
My size, in perfect condition!
That's 10 times cheaper!

I kept on telling Smalls, while we were whipping off clothes off the racks, "God'll punish us, God will punish us...
It's a sin to buy anything this cheap!"


Pictures from a fruitful day:

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Me and Mey, in our living room.

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Smalls and I, both clad in blue.

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My bangs looked funny, 'cause I was sweating so much.

Today was just so freaking hot man. Darn you Melbourne, it's autumn already, can?
I literally felt that I was melting away.
Correction, I could see myself evaporating away. o_O

I was wearing a knee-length dress in the morning for my classes, and before heading to the city, I ran home to change into a top.
Yea, it was so hot I just wore a top out.

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Me and my decent-length top. ;)

And I had Max Brenner for both lunch and dinner today. -_-

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Triniad White Chocolate.

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And my favourite food in Melbourne, belgian waffle (only Max Brenner's will do).

As much as I love Max Brenners, two meals in a day without a single bit of savoury food, is pushing it.
Though that is great to hear! At least I won't be craving for Max Brenner for awhile. ;)

But I will buy Tim Tams tomorrow! :P

Anyway, I told myself I won't buy anything anymore. I have definitely shopped aplenty today! (*ulp* 11 pieces)
Unless it's from DFO, that is. ;)

And I am damn happy now, it's raining cats and dogs now, meaning that it won't be that hot tomorrow! =)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a new wardrobe to fold and keep! :)


Anonymous said...

where are the pictures of your clothesssssss

oh and i just got back from taipei and i think we went into seriously like 40 shoe stores.

i'm never going shopping again.

for at least a month.

i promise.

lovegoddess said...

thanx girl, for yr camera info :) u r so nice

guess wat? myself most likely getting a canon ixus also. its the 900series, 10mgpixels.

hey.. looking at the waffle dripping in choco sauce alone is making me fat !

me stuffin my face almst non-stop tis few days bcoz of PMS o_O

revel in me said...

aud: Bullshit! Sure will go shopping wan! :P

But 40 shoe shops?? That's quite alot.
I am proud of you! :D

And I lazy to post pictures lahhh... =p

lovegoddess: Wow, 900 series? SOunds really canggih! Mine is just Ixus 40.. =p

And the belgian waffle is seriously the best in the world! I can't think of a more orgasmic dessert! =p

tze said...

i demand for pictures too!

oh and hui wen is my new best friend now! *batts eyelids* you coming back in july right *batts harder*

revel in me said...

Haha, you're too skinny, you can't fit into my clothes anyway! :D

Oh, and I posted my purchases here!

Feel so guilty... :(