Saturday, March 31, 2007

If I flunk, it's all my fault.

EDIT: I told Smalls that there is a topic which I don't understand, and out of frustration, I was like, "I'm just gonna screw this topic lah."

"Screw the topic for what! Screw the tutor lah! At least he might give you some tips.
Screw lah better things!"


I always scoff at people who blog about how they should be studying and not be blogging, but they are blogging anyway...

Guess what?

I should be studying now. :(

Mid semester test on Monday, which I am super super not ready for. I't's a super con job, really, 'cause supposedly only 3 topics are examinable, but I just found out that each topic requires at least 2, 3 chapters of reading.


And I am so not in the mood to study! I blame it on the fact that it's still very early in the semester. All my textbooks, tuturials, lecture notes, accounting handbook are sprawled in front of me, and yet my hands have a life of their own, automatically reaching for my wireless mouse and clicking off to the cyberworld.


My stress levels are really high now, which explains the open bag of Tim Tams in front of me.
But when you're stressed, you burn calories faster, RIGHT? *comforts self*

I so need to transport myself back to last night, happy champagne-sipping and dancing myself silly.

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Anonymous said...

Babe, tell me abt it!! ;( My Physics paper sucked sooo bad! Jing was happily ber'KLHilton'-ing and Jing only studied 1 hour and a half in total for her Physics! *la-la-la* ;) When my trials end, I'll call you so we can bergossip k! =D I know you miss my wittyness! ;)