Thursday, March 15, 2007

Put a smile on your face.

I feel bad, baby.

In our 3 years plus together, I have only baked for you once.

Chocolate chip cookies, I remember. :)
It was last year's Valentine's, and keeping to our pact of not splurging too much on Valentine's presents, we both told each other that we are giving something special to each other. And on Valentine's itself, I both looked into my paperbag with ill- concealed excitement, only to find a jar of chocolate chip cookies that you baked, just like how you found a jar of chocolate chip cookies that I made for you. :)

I couldn't help thinking to myself while mixing the dough, how these cupcakes would have put a smile on your face.

And how that would matter to me.


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I can't wait to come home into your snuggly arms, feed you muffins that I bake, and let you nuzzle and reward your domestic goddess dearly.

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lovegoddess said...

hey girl, cute cookie.. did u make lotsa it?

anyways, i've got something to ask you, so how can i reach you? :)

lovegoddess said...

ooppss.. sory, i mean cute cupcakes ! :o

revel in me said...

lovegoddess: Haha, yup, we made quite a bit and gave some to our friends! :P

And what do you mean by reaching me? :)

Anonymous said...

ngohoho suspender shorts! eh how you know i'm coming to melbourne? wanna meet up or not:D

lovegoddess said...

oops sory.. shud hv been more specific.

if its ok wit you, i'd like to email you :) but dont hv yr email add.

revel in me said...

aud: I think I read it in your blog? Or comments of some sort? Gosh, I am such a stalker, haha. Meet up??? Eeeks, I nervous lah! Like first date! :P

tze said...

i wanna meet up too! *raises hand

revel in me said...

lovegodess: Erm, I am not comfortable revealing my email address here.. :(

tze: Wheee, come to Melbourne! :D