Friday, March 02, 2007

Call me Sunshine.

I can't afford to shop anymore.

Not because of financial constraints, but because of space limitations!

Where got such thing wan right.

Fucker, my room's wardrobe is damn small la.
I finally unpacked all my clothes last night, and I could barely fit everything in! I had to squeeze and roll my beloved clothes just to stuff them in.
Which means that I can't buy anything this semester in Melbourne, 'cause I would have no space to put them!!!

Hmm. Maybe I could persuade Jaclyn to let up her room to be a walk-in closet. ;)

Even back home, my mom and us would constantly find ourselves conquering space in our home to put our clothes.
First, it was the guest room, then the laundry room, and finally, the study room.
Yes, my dears, the study room in my house has 2 sizeable wardrobes.

What a condusive studying environment, eh? :P

Oh, by the way, I bought 4 dresses today.

So it's okay. :)

First picture taken in Melbourne (this semester lah)!

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Please ignore the mess behind me.

And glorious sunshine!!!

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I think sun is the best photoshop you can get.. Everyone looks so good under the sun! :D

And I take back all my cuss words towards Melbourne weather!
It is seriously delightful. :)
The sun is constantly out, but yet, it's not hot, and the cool breeze!
Whoa, heaven!

And the best part is, I get to wear dresses and shorts 'cause it's warm enough, but I can also wear cardies and skinnys because of the cool wind!


Please prolong summer, I want it to last. :(

Oh, and look at what Jac got each of us! Storybooks from the Little Miss collection! :)

She got us the books based on what she thinks of us... :)

Super super the sweet, kan? :D

And guess who am I?

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*happy happy smile smile* :D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bedtime story to read! :)


Anonymous said...

if you use my room as a storage place, where am i going to sleep???!?!? if there was "little miss shopaholic", that would have been more appropriate. hehe =D

Anonymous said...

Like THAT has ever stopped us from = shopping? *waves hand dismissively* =Pp

Eh eh eh, you actually look hawt in the pic, sooo unlike you wan! *tee-hee* ;P

revel in me said...

jaclyn: You can sleep on the clothes we left strewn on the floor WAHAHA.
No la, I won't be so EVIL to the girl who bought us egg tarts, gimme gimme! :P

And Little Miss Shopaholic is YOU k. ;)

jing: But JING!! The situation now is CRITICAL!!! There is really no space!!! :(

And I ALWAYS look hot. *flips hair* ;)

mustardqueen said... wonder ur berspread looked so familliar la...

it's the same fabric as ur dress!!!

wonder why aussies saving up on cloth....XDXDXD