Saturday, March 10, 2007

Yeye and Mama.

I just found out last night that my grandparents took off for China yesterday!

Hee. Finally.

After talking 'bout doing it for half a year, they finally got to it. ;)

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According to my sister, my grandparents were very nervous, 'cause there will only be the both of them on the tour, and as usual, grandma's travelling attire was super duper cute.

Sweatpants that ends at the ankle, and ankle length socks! With slippers.
And a slingbag!

Haha, I love my grandma.


I brought the both of them out for lunch the weekend before I left. Being constantly on the go during my break back home, I seldom talk to my grandparents, though we're under the same roof; and I really wanted some quality time with them before I left.

Growing up, my parents are seldom home. Dad's always on call, and mommy works too. My grandparents are the ones who have always been taking care of us. Granny nagging us to bathe, to eat, to do our homework, to have our afternoon naps; and grandpa was always the one who fetched me around, whether it's to my weekly tuitions, or a friend's party-- always at the beck and call.

Grandma will always buy us yao char kuey on Sundays, nasi lemak from Sentul on every 3rd of the month, and she was the one who bought me my gold necklaces and bracelets and pendants for my birthdays and whenever I did well for exams. Up till now, she still diligently sews and alters my clothes for me, using her sewing machine from the dark ages. She will be the one who boils me herbal tea and barley and chrysanthemum tea whenever I am heaty or have sore throats.

When I stayed in Sentul last time, every weekend, grandpa would bring me to the park, and he would introduced me to every neighbour that we meet on the way, repeatedly, every week.

"This is my grand-daughter!" He will exclaim in Cantonese.

But being the young un-knowing lass I was, I would lick the ice pop grandpa bought me without a care in the world, and certainly not recognising the pride in his voice.

He would bring me and my sisters to McDonalds in Bangsar every Saturday, because my parents work on Saturdays too. He would buy us nuggets and fried chicken and Sprite, because grandma likes Sprite. While we clamber excitedly onto the tiny merry-go-round in the restaurant, he would help us switch it on, 'cause we were too short to reach the switch.

It pains me to admit that while my grandparents have been such a huge part of my childhood, it's not the case now. Being impatient and occasionally temperamental myself, whenever grandma nags me, I'll surely retort back, and it's often not polite. Neither do we go out for McDonald's anymore, we grew out of it.

But grandpa still fetches my sisters and brother around. Grandma still reigns over the household. It's just that I have failed to appreciate all these this few years.

During my break recently, grandpa passed me some immigration forms to fill up for both him and grandma, for they were going to Singapore to visit my aunt (i.e. my dad's sister). Keeping my eyes glued to the TV, I reached my my hand out absent-mindedly for the passports and forms.

When I flipped open grandpa's passport, I just stared at the picture in shock, while the TV continued to blared in the background.

Grandpa looked so old and frail in his passport photo, that my heart wrenched into a tiny ball.
How I always took granted of the fact that my grandparents have been fit and healthy, and looked young for their age.

I teared on the spot.


I wanted to bring my grandparents to Mandarin Oriental for dim sum, but in the end, for convenience's sake, I thought of bringing them to the chinese restaurant in One Utama, Chui Heng (previously Six Happiness) instead.

However, as I was running some last minute errands for my departure on Monday, I ended up home slightly later than expected, and I found out that Chui Heng closes in the afternoon. Grandpa and grandma were so shy, and they kept insisting that they don't want to eat anything expensive, in fact, granny suggested that we go have tea at the marketplace in Taman Tun! o_O

In the end, I brought them to Vietnamese Kitchen, 'cause I thought of letting them try a different cuisine, due to the fact that they are always having Chinese food. :)

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Me and the woman who used to clean my ears.

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Teeny wrapped this-- IT LOOKS LIKE A BRAIN!
No brainer, that one, HAHA.

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This picture is so cute!!!
They were both so intent on their drinks. :)

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The grand-daughter.

Alas, when the bill came, grandpa refused to let me pay! We were pushing each other's dollar bills away, but in the end, grandpa won because he's stronger and he's fierce (he's an ex-headmaster). -_-

He insisted that I should only treat them when I graduate. He even said that he wants me to bring him to a high-class hotel! :D

After the meal, I followed them to Giant, 'cause really, hypermarkets are their favourite.

Which reminds me...

One day, I saw my grandparents just coming into the house.

Making small talk, I asked them where did they go.

Grandpa happily told me, "We went to disco!"

I was like o_O.

In the end, I found out what they actually meant was TESCO.


I could see that my grandparents were really happy that I brought them out, and though it pleases me to know that, it saddens me too. Why did it took me so long to show them I care? :(

Never again.

Anyway, I heard that one of the places that they are going to in China is -17 degrees now. Really hope that they take care, and that grandma won't nag grandpa till his ears fall off.

More importantly, I really, really hope that they will have the time of their lives, and they will enjoy every experience and sights that they absorb while on the trip. Hope grandma won't be so inhibited, and that grandpa will persuade her to try some rat meat! :P

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I will be a better grand-daughter. :)


lovegoddess said...

i really absolutely like post.. so touching :x Really reminds me of my own taking things for granted attitude in the past (still like this, off & on :(

i was rude to my grandma & parents .. i m a horrible person.

My attitude twrds my parents are better now, but still hv to work on more..before they leave this world and regrets will b too late -like how i didnt get to say sorry to grandma:(

Granny if u can hear me up there, i m so sorry :-( I m a miserable turd.

Thank you dear - Your post is a sweet reminder .. that we should make amends/show gratitute to those who have made a significant mark in our lives

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! There's just so many similarities between your relationship with ure gparents, and me with mine. And our grandparents are so alike, I didnt know ure gpa was a headmaster, so was mine! And hehehe, my gma wears the SAME clothes when traveling too.I never understood the ankle length all old women wear them?!WHen you think about it, you and me have similar upbringings huh? SInce our gparents looked after us more....even the part of Gpa taking us walking in the park, and introducing us to everybody! But like you, i realise i dont spend much time with them....i get along well with gma, but gpa and me are just so awkward these days....very touching post!

Anonymous said...

OMG. damn emo *sniff* i teared reading this. i miss my grandma!!!!

Sing Yee said...

it is touching and u nearly made me tear..i realized that we shuld not take things for granted anymore...seeing my parents and grandparents myself, how they have grown so much older, to have to witness their wrinkles has got intensity day by day frighten me sometimes. so right now, like how my friend puts it, now our parents and grandparents are kid, and now is the time we the adult take good care of themm...;)

Anonymous said...

yea yea like all of the above... touching post, i nearly cried wtf. and i call my grandparents yeye and mama too!:D

revel in me said...

To everyone: I am glad that my post evoked some emotions... :)

lovegoddess: That's what I am most afraid of, to only realised how much I appreciate them after they are gone. :(

I am sure your grandma knows you love her. *hugs* :)

ran: Woman, I know that your grandpa is a headmaster lah! We used to joke that they probably know each other from some Headmaster Association.. :D

jaclyn: Aww! The one who calls you peng peng? =p

singyee: Ya, it really pains me whenever I see how much older they have became.. :( Especially for me, I only get to see them every half a year, and you could really see the difference. =(

aud: *hands you tissue* Oh my goodness, you're the first person I know who calls their grandparents yeye and mama too! Minus my siblings lah wtf. :P

tze said...

woi why so sad wan! after this i wanna bring my grandma out and spend all my angpau money on her wtf. and the other day she was telling me when i go uk i'll forget all about her wtf. and when i told her i am going to use the money i earn during placement to buy handbags she exclaimed in horror, told me to save and i tuned her out wtf.

why am i such a bad grandchild T___________T