Monday, April 16, 2007



Ok, that came out the wrong way; I sounded like a ghost.

But classes are cancelled tomorrow!! :D :D :D

'Cause there was this BIG MEAN BLACKOUT in the entire campus today, and though the electricity is back on, the university has to do some investigations to find out the cause of the lapse of electricity.

Whatever man, just as long as I get my day off! ;)

But the BIG MEAN BLACKOUT really came at the wrong time. It happened today (all classes were cancelled), when it's my day off!

And I always do my laundry on Mondays, but because there was no electricity, and at that time, I didn't know when it would come back on, I was left cowering in my last pair of clean undies!

On top of everything, I actually have a very important tutorial tomorrow which I have to complete my tute work for, therefore, around 5pm, I was busy busting my braincells trying to finish the tute before the sun sets, and it would be too dark for me to attempt any work. I was literally racing against time, as the skies were getting darker and darker by the minute.

And just when I scribbled my last figure in, and my pen was lifted off the paper, the fluorescent lights in my room blinked to life.

I thought, nevermind, at least I completed the tute!

The 1 hour later, I found out that there are no classes tomorrow.


I just got my provisional exam timetable. :(

My exams only finish on the 26th of June. :(

Smalls and Kit Mey finishes on the 19th, and Jac is done by 15th. :(

The 2nd semester starts on the 15th July. :(

I want to go home fro my winter break, but how to go back now??? :(
I would only be back for 2 weeks. :( :( :(

And stupid Smalls have been rubbing in the fact that she gets to go home one whole week before me, despite me holding up my slipper to throw at her.

But I've decided already, I will skip the first week of the second semester, so at least I get to spend 3 weeks back home (and Daddy Hoe won't slaughter me alive for being a brat that HAS to go home for 2 weeks only).

Yay! :)

Oh wait.

Smalls just called my room phone.
Smalls, who stays right next to me.

The first taunting word that came out of her: "TWENTY SIXTH!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!"

Bugger. -_-


Anonymous said...

hahaha smalls damn stupid!

ei yalah come back and meet your bra buddy yo wtf

haha and sucks to u for getting the wtf bug!

revel in me said...

aud: YA LA dunno why I stay with these type of people. :P

Haha, bra buddies united! :D

WTF. ;)