Saturday, April 28, 2007

Birthday post, FINALLY.

My life is so exciting man, just when I wanted to finally get my ass to blog, Blogger crashes on me, and refuses to let my sign in. Messages like "Your cookies setting is disabled", "Please delete your caches", and "Your cookie session has expired" does not make me a happy woman. After restarting my computer twice, deleting my caches (err, just followed the instructions), adjusted my cookie settings, messed with Java settings (instructions again yo), I was still met with the dreaded "Error in log-in. Please check cookie settings" message. In the end, I had no choice but to switch to a new browser, and thus, starting a new process of downloading Mozilla Firefox. So much drama.

Which reminds me, the font in the new Firefox window for blogging is so tiny and squarish and smart, and it makes me feel like such an intellectual when I type a lot of words.


Anyway, time for pictures from my birthday! Felt like a gazillion years ago, stupid tax law assignment, made me feel like I aged 253 years.

At the stroke of midnight of Monday...

All the South East flat people came over to surprise me! :)
(photos courtesy of Smells, short for Smellie, formally known as Smalls, teehee)

They knocked on my door at exactly 12am, with Smalls' frantic warning screams in the background, "Wear your bra, woman, your BRAAA!"
Thanks for the head's up. ;)

They had SPARKLERS on my cake!!! SPARKLERSSS!!!
That sparkled and dazzled!
That twinkled and sizzled!
That set out the fire alarm. -_-

But it was so PWEETTY!! I have always wanted sparklers for... well, for any occasions, and though I know you guys just buy a big packet of sparklers and use it for everyone's birthday, I LURRRVED THE SPARKLERS!

No more pictures from that night, 'cause I was looking like a pile of dog poo.

And on Monday evening, we went for our flat's first official GNO-- fancy dress dinner-- a fancy-mancy swishy dresses affair at a gourmet restaurant! :)

At Number 8 at the Crown.

Smalls and Jaclyn, on one side of the table.

And Mey and I at the other side.

And I confessed, I bought my birthday dress in February. *shy*
I tried it on, and I was looking for a reason to buy it... -_-
Err, well, I sort of knew I wanted to wear it for my birthday... ;)
And I have no idea why BLACK!! I usually hate black items with a vengeance. But it really is a lovely brocade dress. :)

We sat outside...

So we had a really good view of the riverbank, and also the occasional fire shows (chimney-like holes blowing out fire for heat purposes, which sounded like Godzilla terrorizing the town).

Well, Smalls and Jac had the view anyway, they were facing it. The only thing Mey and I had going for our eyes were their cleavages. ;)

I sat in this pose for goodness know how many shots with the 3 girls.
Must take picture with the birthday girl! They said. -_-

Our starters...

Wagyu beef slices.

I didn't particularly enjoyed this, being not much of a raw red meat person. But we got a decent amount of beef slices, considering it's a single portion.


Please meet the bestest bestest bestest calamari in the world. The freshest, most tender squid, and the most delicious batter; together, they create the most heavenly calamari EVER. Makes me feel like going on a calamari diet! :P


Ignore its oatmeal-like appearance. I am starting to enjoy rissottos, despite the fact that pastas still sends my pulses racing. Thumbs up for this! :)

My Harpuka fillet.

I have no idea what Harpuka was, just had an inkling that it was some sort of fish. I am very weary when ordering dishes with foreign names, especially after hearing Smalls' story of ordering fish and ended up with liver. *shudders*

No more pictures of what the others ordered, 'cause I am always making people wait impatiently with their utensils in hand while I happily snap pictures of food, and I FELT BAD!

Fancy dress party.

Girls, beautiful dresses, delectable fine cuisines, gorgeous view.
What other ways to end a perfect night....

.....Not shopping lah. -_-

Desserts at Grecko's! :)

Chocolate cheesecake.

Coffee Tiramisu.

Custard and pastry layered cake.

Although we couldn't finish any one of them, it was absolutely magnificent to sip on hot mocha/latte/chocolate and spoon forkfuls of luscious cake into our mouths, amidst hearty gossip and unrestrained laughter. :)

Some shameless camwhoring pictures in Crown's washing room.
Sorry to all the people whom we unwittingly held up in your frantic dash to the loo.

I love you girls 'cause we share the same interests. ;)

Sexy silhouettes.
Errr, actually I forgot to on the flash. ;)

I've no idea why I embarrass myself by taking picture with a 10 foot long woman.
Thank you, dear, for your lovely poem. :P

One of my favourite pictures of the night. :)
Thanks, sweetheart, for my yummy tiramisu cake, and all the sweet things you said in your blog post. =)

I can hear you laughing in your room right now. Is naked men in American Pie that funny?
Thank you, my rendezvous partner (My Little Pony is waiting for us), for the heart-touching birthday post, it warmed me right to my toes! :)

You girls are the best thing that happened to me in Melbourne, and I can't stress upon that enough. :)

Thank you for making my birthday such a fun-filled one, I went to bed with a smile on my fact that night. :)

Although you girls got my birthday wrong! TWENTY ONE! HAH! :D

More pictures about barhopping yesterday SOON! :)


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Anonymous said...

erm....I cant see any pics....this is weird...refreshed ure page a zillion times alrdy...

revel in me said...

tze: I know black is slimming, but black is very safe and boring at times! I LIKE COLORSSS WHEEEEE

ran: Hmm, are you still facing that problem? It is ok to me, and so far, I havn't received any other complaints.. :(

Anonymous said...

Yes, I still cant see these pics...but i can see those on ure latest post...weird huh? I love your dress btw....where'd u get it?

revel in me said...

ran: Hmm, you know what, now I myself can't view the pictures! :( I think it's Blogger being a shit, 'cause I used Blogger to upload the pictures for that particular post... I'll redo it when I have the time k? Sorry 'bout it! :(

And oh, I love the dress to!! :D :D :D Got it from Melbourne, it's actually a replica of a BeBe dress! =)