Friday, April 20, 2007

Girlie time is sacred.

Kit Mey told us that she's allergic to nuts.

Smalls: "Then how could you stay with hui wen??"



Mey and Jac told me that my pictures' sizes look distorted in my blog-- very small and elongated. Is that true??? 'Cause it looks fine in my laptop. :(

We went to Frankston today, which is another Monash campus, far far away from civilisation. Because of my pact to visit as many places in Melbourne as possible, it was only logical that we should visit one of our university's campuses.

As usual, we went armed with majestic plans to camwhore in the campus, and also to visit the beach there.

And we went shopping instead. ;)

I am soooooo happy with my buys! Six dresses, one smock, and one bee-yoo-ti-fool pair of cream stockings which both Jac and I go gaga over.

Oh, and I lost a pair of shoes today!!! My new pair of white peeptoes. :( I wore it to classes today, and I remembered placing them next to the shoe rack, and 1 hour later, when I wanted to wear it out, it was GONE! How could it disappear from my flat???

To make up for my lost and possibly stolen pair of shoes GRR GRR GRR, I bought 3 pairs of shoes today.

2 pairs of boots, yo! One knee-length and another ankle-length. Winter, I am fearless now! :D

Some pictures from today, uploaded from Blogger, do tell me whether my pictures now look more proportionate...

We had dinner at Bily Baxter's, a fast food-like cafe. We chose to go there 'cause us being cheapos, got attracted to their below-10bucks meals.

Cute posters-like mosaics. I've always loved anything black and white. :)

I wished I took more pictures of the place, it reminds me a little of Burger King, with vinyl black and red chairs, with an old-school touch. Cute!

Iced chocolate...

And me high on it.

And I got compliments from random people today on my silk dress! Wheeee! *syok sendiri*

My fish burger.

I expected a squashed oily burger with a fish finger stuck in between. But on my plate lied one of the most gigantic burger I've even seen, with fresh focaccia-like buns, and a huge fish fillet and garnishings inside!


And the scary thing was, I actually managed to finish it! Ever worth the 6 bucks I paid, especially considering that when you eat out in aussie, it's general consensus that you have to pay at least 10 bucks. It was so good that right now, I feel like going back to eat it again, despite the 1 hour journey.

My partner for the day, with her fish burger before it fell onto the floor, half-eaten. -_-

It was an enormously fun time to just spend some quality time with a girlfriend. We laughed so hard, and we shared so much, just in one day's time. In fact, I don't recall a single blank "blah" moment in between our constant flurry of chatter and laughter. Thanks for a good day out, Jac. :)

Clueless yesterday, shopping today, baking tomorrow! Hurray to girlie time! :D


tze said...

farrrkkkk offf la huiwen no one shops so much ok! *bitter wtf

revel in me said...

tze: Hahaha, I am a wee bit inhuman recently, but I AM trying to change to be a better person! :D *damn fail pujuk*

Anonymous said...

tights sisters to the end!