Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hunger = crappiness.

I looked so cute today.

Really waaann!!!

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I wore the knitted top that I was so busy trying outside of the fitting rooms that day.

You can't really see it from the pictures, but those little white polka dots are actually tiny little heart shapes! <3 *consoles self*

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White heart-shaped hairclip to go with my outfit! :)

I am real anal like that, I insist on matching my outfits with my jewellery, bags, shoes, hair acessories... Of course not purple top with purple jeans with purple headband with purple necklace and purple bag and purple shoes lah.

Variety is the spice of life, after all. ;) But I just insist of having my entire outfit come together as one.

*philosophical sigh*

Anyway, I wore the top with black leggings, which were kinda indecent, considering the top barely skims my, ahem, pelvical areas, but hey, if you've got it flaunt it wtf. And I matched it with white peeptoes!

Damn cute righttttt??? *syok sendiri*

I felt like Mischa Barton!
Fine, half of her, 'cause I am only half of her height. -_-

I am the only one at home now, Jac is working, and Smalls and Kit Mey is in the exam hall battling their way through their Finance mid-semester test. It's actually Smalls' turn to cook today, but her test only finishes at 7pm, and plus travelling and preparation and cooking time, I reckon I would only get to eat at 9pm.


I have this sole Kit Kat Chunky bar looking at me seductively now.
Shit, I can hear it calling out to me.

I can almost imagine the crispy wafer crunching under my teeth, and the milky chocolate swirling across my tongue...

Fuck fuck fuck. Think of your big tummy. CONTROL, hui wen, CONTROL.

Wait ya.

Okies, I just hid my Kit Kat bar under my pillow! :D

Oh, did you know that I have had a couple of friends who told me stuff like, "Aiya, you're so busy nowadays, partying and all...", "I wish I can be like you, always go to clubs and partying"...



I am as far from a party girl as I could possibly imagine! In fact, back home, my parents are just short of chaining me in a dungeon once midnight sets in. I hid the fact that I club from my parents back in M'sia, and even then, I have to rush back home by 2am. But that does'nt mean I turn into a big clubbing beast when I am in aussie with all the freedom! -_-

The only parties that I go to are like this...

The guys' (Joel, Jian Cai, Chun Yih, Thean Aik) housewarming party last Saturday.

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HAHAHHAHAHHAHA. Horny Jac and a horny-inducing dildo.

Ok lah, fine, it's not Jac's dildo, it's the guys' one. In fact, they insisted that they received it by accident through the mail.

Right, boys. ;)

And you know what was the strangest part???
It's an ass dildo!!

In the first place, how can you tell an ass dildo apart from a normal one?
I was fervently asking the guys, but they just gave me really vague answers like "You just know."

RIGGHHHTT, boys. I shan't dwelve into your, ahem, personal matters! ;)

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Thean Aik, doing what he does best? o_O

I just realised that the pictures above made the party look like an 18SX one. Not the image I want to portray. -_-

I should be doing my tax law assignment now, it's due in 1 week's time, and after summoning enough willpower that day to read the assignment question, I am pretty darn sure I won't have enough time. So why am I here blogging? About nonsense, nonetheless. Well, this is what I call a strategy. Having no more TV shows to watch (am waiting for new episodes of ANTM, Apprentice and Survivor Fiji!!!), if I blog now, later tonight, I would seriously be left with nothing to do! Thus, forcing me to crawl to my assignment.

I damn smart lah. :P

Anyway, I can hear Smalls and Kit Mey coming through the door now... Better go greet my sweethearts and ask them how was the test... :)

And one last thing before I go,

because I was so cute today.

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tze said...

whats wrong with wearing purple dress and purple heels *hurt

revel in me said...

tze: Eeeks, there's nothing wrong with wearing purple dress and shoes!

But not with purple bag, purple hadband, purple choker, purple bangle, purple earrings, purple eyeshadow...

Brinjal meh. :P

Anonymous said...

'Of course not purple top with purple jeans with purple headband with purple necklace and purple bag and purple shoes lah.'

Ohmigosh, reminds me of someone! *shivers* ;)

Love love!

jmeei said...

Eh yeah quite cute! :D

revel in me said...

jing: HAHHAHHAHA family secret. :D

jiameei: Heehee, you damn give face! :P