Monday, April 23, 2007

It's a crime to do work on birthdays.


Thank you, God, for your birthday present.

Two big fat pimples on my chin.

Updates later, I have a tax law assignment to do. RAWWWRR!


tze said...

happpyyyy birthday hui wen!

Anonymous said...

stupid pang beat me to it wtf.

happy birthday hui wen!

may you be blessed with more clothes, more shoes, more bags!

and may you lend them to me.

even though we don't know each other wtf.

mizzvickz said...

happy birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
hope u'll have a blast babe :)

Bhavani said...

Happy Birthday! =D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Love! :)

Your sister can't wait ogle at your birthday presents and see if there's anything she would like to berkongsi-kongsi wtf! ;)

PS: Err, intended to mail you a card but Poslaju is a ripped off so Jing decided to give you a live speech on Skype instead.. Remember to bring pails, sure damn touching wtf! =D


jmeei said...

Happy birthday sweet thing!

May all your dreams and wishes come true. Have a good one!

All the best with your tax law assignment btw :)

mustardqueen said...

AHAHAH!!!! $30 birthday present from dad huh??


oh shit...that reminds me..i hvaent got u one yet!!

*runs off*

revel in me said...

tze: Thank you, dear! Got birthday present or not? :D

aud: Hahahha, you know my wishlist so well! :P

And we are getting to know each other! *courting stage wtf*

victoria: I did! Thanks babe! :)

bhavani: Eeee, sweet-nya you! :)

jing: Tak skype pun??? I brought all my pail somemore.. :P And where got presents la, daddy only gave 30 bucks.. o_O

jiameei: I am a sweet thing??? Haha, you sound like you're flirting with me! ;) And you're the only who wished me luck for my law assignment-- I really need it! :(

mustardqueen: Eh, I still waiting for the present wan ar, I am telling you! :P

And :-*!! :D