Wednesday, April 04, 2007


You know you've shopped aplenty when you swipe you debit card so much, it broke.

I just went and submit my application for a replacement card today. -_-


Just some old pictures, review-style.

The boyfriend and I couldn't celebrate the actual day of our 3-years' anniversary, and to make it up to me,( 'cause I am the bigger brat in the relationship), we had a 3-days long celebration.

One which we went to a fancy restaurant, fancy-dressed. :)

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Prego, Westin.
I've been yearning to go there since I saw a Valentine's special On Channel V with Sarah Tan on it.

They had rose petals strewn all over the floor and staircase in the 30-minute long show, but none during my visit!

Cheaters. :(

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The moment I sat down, the boyfriens presented me with the fortune cookies he baked.

Needless to say, the dinner started off well. :)
With me grinning like a lovesick fool.

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We had water imported from Italy!

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If you've read my food posts enough, you would know that I place very high important on my buns, um, I mean, my bread.

It has to be warm, it has to be soft, it has to give you that homey feeling, that warms you right to the pit of your stomach.

Prego's bread basket missed the mark a little.

Though that didn't stop us from posing with 'em.

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Did you notice that we were both wearing matching colors???
Black and pink!
Super geeky, I know, but hee, it sure was fun making him wear pink! :D

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Our starters, calamari.

Hohum, no surprises there. I have tasted much better calamari, for lower prices even.

And though the place was so posh and classy and quiet (you could hear the clinking of glasses and cutlery, and even the dabbing of mouths, I kid you not!), I couldn't care less, and gleefully crawled onto the boyfriend's lap and started snapping pictures.

I swear, the old uncle at the next table was hyperventilating in excitement. -_-

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The boyfriend's pasta, cream with mushrooms.

A really safe option, if you think about it. But since our last posh dinner encounter, whereby we also had Italian food (Yay, ALWAYS Italian! Italian food rocks!), he tried to be adventurous, and ended up with gnocchi (dough with pumpkin filling) and foul-smelling/tasting cheese sauce, my baby is sticking to the tested waters.

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Me, who refused to let the boyfriend eat until he snapped a satisfactory picture of me, with my pasta.

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I can't remember the name of my pasta! Argghh, this is why I should always blog straightaway.
Nevertheless, it was a chef's recommendation, and it came with king prawns.

Wait, let me rephrase that.
King prawn.
Do you know how sad the prawn looked, lying alone on a pile of tossed spaghetti?

This was rather disappointing actually, I expected much more from a specialty dish. In fact, the boyfriend's cram pasta, safe as it was, was much more delicious. But then again, cream pasta can do no wrong! :)

I am just baffled that if a chef recommendation tastes so average, how would its other dishes taste?

Nonetheless, Prego salvaged its dignity with some scrumptious desserts.

We couldn't decide which one we wanted, so we ordered both. :)

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Mud pie.

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Now, I am a very, very fussy dessert eater. I am particular about taste, texture, presentation, aroma.

But I couldn't find fault with these two desserts!! In fact, they were both so extremely good, that I couldn't decide which one was better!

But I have to give credit to Prego's tiramisu though, I think, it just might be the best tiramisu I have eaten. :)

The mud pie is excellent too, just that it tastes as good as the one in S'pore's Coffee Club (which is out of this world) so therefore, it isn't the best.

The mudpie came with a chocolate fig, which I damn wanted to eat with the boyfriend ala Lady and the Tramp style. But the boyfriend refused, "public place, shy lah", he said.

Oh, why must we be condemn to societal concerns! Bah.

And, I wasn't happy that they didn't give us a red nose each. :(


My verdict on Prego? Food, average. Ambience, average. Service, average. Interior, average.

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My boyfriend? Not average at all. :)

And yes, I realised I look very short in this picture.

Like I said, the dinner wasn't fantastic, but that's the thing with a special boy, he can salvage anything. :)

And if anything, there's only more reason to visit more posh restaurants! ;)
Oooh, I just love dressing up. :P

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Here's to many more to come!
Muaks. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey I make my boyfren wear pink too!

Anonymous said...

Guess its a girl thingy.. =p cos me too !!

jmeei said...

It's nice to know that there are long distance relationships that work! :)

revel in me said...

s-wai: Hahaha, you've no idea how hard it was to make my bf wear pink! The first time I made him do it, we even had an argument! o_O

miss_bean: I love seeing couples wear pink-- it makes me squeal in delight! :D And REAL men aren't afraid of pink! ;)

jiameei: Awww!! :) But do you notice that nowadays, most LDRs do work? :P
But you're damn lucky k, you've your bf to spoil you rotten physically! And to wax legs. -_-

tze said...

eh eh your dress very nice! and very short, i likeee. you were still in malaysia horr so i assume it was bought here? =p

eh btw the skinfood mask really works damn well la

revel in me said...

tze: Yaya, clever girl, I bought it back home! =) And it's a bubble skirt!! So 'cause of the elastic hem, I could adjust it to be however short I want! Needless to say, I preferred it short too.. :P But I didn't bring that dress to Melbourne.. :'(

Oh, and yay, finally, got a ray of hope for my pores! :D