Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am a material girl, in a material world.

I am so excited, I am going to a flea market/bazaar tomorrow! It's such a huge deal that I am actually leaving home at 7 plusAM, so that we can get there to grab all the goodies. I am anticipating a morning of digging and bargain-hunting... Pray for me that I'll find many treasures and trinkets k! :)

Your shopping bags are going to take over your room.

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The amount of bags strewn on my floor.

And I have had a couple more bags added to this pile since I last took the picture!
I really don't know where to start to pack them up! -_-
Not to mention, I'm rapidly running out of wardrobe space-- I don't know where to stuff them to.
Guess I wasn't kidding when I said the floor is my new wardrobe.


The boyfriend: You have a PHD in Material Science.


The boyfriend:
'Cause you're so materialistic!


The boyfriend:

I don't have a PHD in it, I invented it. ;)


Anonymous said...

why don't you bring a big cloth bag to store your goodies tomorrow? that way you don't have to collect so many plastic bags and do your bit for the environment. Hope to see your greats buys from tomorrow!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Wow, you're quick! I just posted only! :) That's a great idea, sweetie! =) I actually do try to use as little plastic bags as I can... Usually whenever I shop, I will refuse plastic bags, and just stuff everything into one plastic bag... But that IS a great reminder there! I've always appreciated people who are willing to do their bit for the environment... Lotsa love to you for caring, MWAAHHS! :)

Monsta said...

Pay High Dollars in material science?

mustardqueen said...

meh...if you're doing ur bit to the environment you won't be using all the money eh?? Dollar notes made of paper am I talking...

Serious shit but im damn impatient...any of the plastic bag belong to me??

If u dun send me the pics already, im gonna bug you everyday...despite me having me mid years... XD

S h e r v e said...

my room floor looks like yours!
hahahhaha :D
I also have a HUGEE suitcase and clothes strewn all over...
haven't unpacked from my Easter holidays...
which was..... months ago. 0_o
messy, messy me. XD

Grace Tham said...

omg girl... you shop more than i do my laundry O_o" .. hmm actually that's not a bad idea hahaha no need to do laundry *yay* just buy new clothes *yay yay!* aih.. wasted shopping here isn't as good as in melb *blek*

hehe ooh are you coming back for winter hols or staying in aus?

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: And you have a PHD in cracking me up! ;)

mustardqueen: But don't you that it would be more exciting if you get to see the stuff when I whip them out of my suitcase? :)

sherve: Oh my goodness! My large suitcase is sitting outside in my room too! It's such an eyesore, but I have no choice, 'cause my closet is not big enough to store the suitcase. :(

Hurrah to messiness! I heard that we are more, erm, creative. :P

grace_t: I don't shop for the purpose of avoiding laundry k! But it seems as if I am. -_-

And what are you TALKING about??!! Sydney shopping is FANTABULOUS. <3

Anonymous said...

Who needs carpet when there are shopping bags? ;)

Grace Tham said...

hahaha i enjoyed shopping in melb more haha shopping in syd is so exp la but there are these lovely lovely lil designer boutiques in paddington near the unsw art campus where i go for some classes and every time i walk past the shops i'm sooo tempted!!!! argh hahaha!

revel in me said...

jing: My new mantra! ;)

grace: Haha, I love those little boutiques in sydney!! Not that I can afford them though. :P