Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Love Story.

I just couldn't sleep last night, for some reason. In fact, I think this is the first time that I haven't gotten a good night's rest in Melbourne. I was questioning myself, what did I eat that sent my brain into overdrive-- I just felt, restless. With my overactive brain in full force, I thought of what to wear today, what to blog, how to finish up my assignment in time, how to earn more money, Coach or Gucci, what should I pack home in June, whether or not I should sell that new dress I bought on selltrade, and why I was farting nonstop the whole night.

I would have thought that my smelly fart would have knocked me out cold. -_-

Then, as always, my thoughts find their way to you.

How when we eat out, you always insist on ordering something that I like, despite my protests and urging to you to get something you want.

How when I got drunk the last two times we went outstation with our friends, you insisted that I sleep next to you in the guys' room, although all the girls were supposed to sleep next door.

How you always bring me a stick of gum when I am going on a flight, so that I won't get 'painful' ears.

How I always get the last nugget when I am with you.

How I sneak onto your lap while you surf your Manchester United sites and your Ali G videos, while you painstakingly tried to explain his jokes to me.

How you wait for me outside the toilet in malls, and surprise me with flowers, red gerberas and yellow sunflowers.

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I think I fell in love again. ;)


Sue Lin said...

Chor Min's great! I love him as a friend/brother! Regret not being able to chat with him online since i got to Aust. How's he?

Anonymous said...


*runs away and weeps into hanky*

revel in me said...

sue lin: I think chor min is great too! Haha. :D His work is killing him!! Go save him! :P

aud: Emo momo.