Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mocha-induced highness.

I am high on caffeine now!!! :)

High on skimmed mocha.
Which I am telling you, SUCKS.
I thought I would save myself some unwanted calories, but it turns out to taste like longkang water with mashed tadpoles.

Which is you should never buy anything that's skimmed, fat-free, or X% less in calories.
'Cause they will never ever taste like the real thing!

Full fats and full cream is the way to go yo! :D

And I am so sad. =(
I changed my template this morning, but I suspect that some people can't view my blog; thus I changed it back to the old default layout. BAH.
No more happy pink header to look forward to. :(

And I am banished to my room!
'Cause our test is tomorrow, and Mey and Smalls are cramming, but I need people, I need attention, I need some lovin', 'cause I am high!

But Smalls shoo-ed me to my room (she bribed me with a honey soy chicken flavored potato chip) and asked me not to kacau people anymore.

I could study.
But I AM HIGH!!!

High people don't study.
Should I go try on clothes, to see what I should wear tomorrow for my test? :)

EEeeEE, I can't wait for this 30 hours or so to pass-- I predict that I should finish my marketing assignment by 4am in the morning.
Then I will be a new woman!!! :)

With unwanted skimmed mocha in the cupboard.