Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My dream guy.

When I was young,
I dreamt of a tall, dark and handsome man,
who buys me dark chocolates and red roses,
and carries me over rain puddles.
He drives a ferrari,
and we go to Rome for picnics.
He sends me swishy tulle gowns in a box,
right before our candlelight dinner.
He loves pink, and he wears plaid,
and he wears a diamond stud in his ear too.
We will waltz in ballrooms,
and climb onto rooftops for passionate rendezvous.

Then I met you.
You, with your mint green Wira,
who never hesitate to fetch me wherever I want to go, whenever I want.
Someone who pulls me into his lap when he surfs the internet,
Who sling an arm around my shoulders, and kisses the top of my head,
And nips my shoulders playfully while I sat on his thighs, as we waited for the shoe guy to bring him sneakers in him size.
You tuck my hair behind my ear,
and wears pink for me, although you hate the color.
Someone who buys me nuggets while I am asleep so that I have food to greet me when I awake,
and brushes my hair while I sit with my knees propped up.
Someone who tells me I am beautiful, when I am in my tattiest, holiest pajamas,
and who massages my feet when the muscles hurt.
You who wrapped me in a fluffy towel when I step out of the pool, and who gingerly dried my hair,
and make me red bean pancakes because I love them.
Someone who prays for me when he goes to the temple,
worries sick when I am sick,
lectures me to eat healthily,
and scolds me when I skip meals.
Someone who kisses every one of my fingers,
and tells me 'I love you' after that.
And you are the one who lets yourself be my bolster when we sleep together,
and let me sleep on your arm, although it will surely get pins and needles soon after.
You are someone who surprises me with flowers outside the washroom,
and buys hershey chocolates for my sisters.
You are the only one who insists that I have my own smell, and that no one could replace it.
And you make me love coupons, which reminds me, up till today I haven't redeemed yet.
You lick my nose, and my cheeks,
and you make me squeal in horror when you do so.
You, who calls me out of the blue, and before I could even greet you, sprouts into Stevie Wonder's 'I just called to say I love you',
and you make cards for me, from scratch, literally--from paper pulp.
You, who cuddles me while we watch pirated DVDs,
while I tuck my legs onto yours,
and we look like a giant human pretzel.
You, who rubs my neck muscles,
and kisses my eyelids,
and flutters your eyelashes against my arm to make me laugh.
You, who holds me in a bear hug,
and tells me I am perfect.

You, who are my dream guy,
and so much more.
You, who stole my heart,
and I don't intend to take it back. :)
You, my world, my everything.

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The 'Y's all broke! :(
Happ Birthda, baby. ;)

I love you infinity plus one. :)

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I bought out all the candles stock in the supermarket. :P

Happy birthday, my 22 year old boy. :)


tze said...

my boyfriend says i got my own smell also!

but bau ketiak la wtf

Anonymous said...

very sweet, huiwen =)

mustardqueen said...

oi kak, why so "romance novel" one ur poem... the ones you read from Judith Ccnaught and Linda Howard that kind... tsk tsk...

jmeei said...

So sweet! :) xo

Anonymous said...

awwww super sweet how u began your post.. :)


revel in me said...

tze: I buy you deodorant wtf.

joleen: Thanks babe! :) You and chun yih make me diabetic ar! =p

mustardqueen: Where got like romance novel! Romance novel will mention the words "nipple", "manhood" and "penetration" 1354874 times. ;)

jiameei: Thanks, darling! =)

anonymous: Haha, aww, thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

so sweet... =) guess Mr Boyfriend must be very very touch by ur post.. =p