Saturday, May 26, 2007

One last fling.

My infernal-affairs-turned-doused-joy-happy-ending incidents for the past week:

1. Being so incorrigibly stressed over my IT assignment that is due next Friday-- because everytime that I tread over to the computer lab, the database server is down, and till now, I haven't even commenced on the assignment. It scared me to death that I only have 5 more days to finish it (the computer lab is not opened during weekends), and that my classes only finish around 3pm during weekdays (the computer labs close at 5pm)-- INSUFFIENT TIME TO FINISH BY FRIDAY!!

Then, I talked to my lecturer yesterday, and his words: "Just pass up when you're ready... Anytime before the exams is fine."
That gives me almost one more month to work on it! :D :D :D

*stress levels plummets to safe levels*

2. Went to the city yesterday with Jac to get my plane ticket endorsed at the MAS office (I am going home at the end of June), and after waiting for half an hour for our turn at the counter (are all Malaysian offices just meant to be inefficient, no matter which part of the world they are in??!!?), I found out to my horror that my booking for 27th June is not valid (technical explanation, shan't bore you), and that the earliest possible flight back home is 3rd July! I have to be back in Melbourne latest by 21st July (and even then, I am skipping one week of classes)-- that will leave me with only 18 days back home!
I was hurled into depression k, and my face was so long that I could sweep the ground floor with it (I stay on the 3rd floor).

Then, I went to a flight agent today, and I HAVE A FLIGHT HOME ON 27TH JUNE!!! :D :D :D

Don't laugh, but I am flying Air India.
Desperate times call for desperate measures mah. And they are actually flying with the exact same aircraft as MAS (i.e. it's the same flight, just that it's under different airlines), so it's not that bad. Just that I'll get served capati and dhaal as airplane food, that's all. -_-

3. Remember I mentioned sometime ago that my debit card broke? While, I still haven't received my replacement card. And today, while I was doing my groceries, my card got rejected repeatedly, and turns out, my (broken, but still usable) debit card is cancelled!!! And the worst thing is, it's the weekend, and all the banks are closed, so I couldn't even go enquire or withdraw more cash!!!
Well, so far, there is no happy ending for this story, but please please please beg for me that everything will fall into place. Not having cash is going to make life really inconvenient for me, not to mention, impoverished. And my exams are coming up soon, so I can't really afford to worry about mundane (but yet very crucial) stuff like this, and to run around banks to resolve matters.

Anyway, some pictures of Jac and I from yesterday:

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In the train, see how peaceful and tranquil we looked-- this was before we knew that our ticket bookings were invalid.

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I am ashamed to admit that the whole point of this picture is to show off my cute bow.
And I am ashamed to admit that I am not really ashamed.

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Holy Mama, I didn't realize we were wearing matching colors! :)

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Hui Wen and the Big Ass Bow.
And with the amount of Tim Tams I have been consuming lately, Hui Wen and the Big Ass.

And I have been craving for Hong Kong Chinese food lately, oh Kim Gary, I miss you so.
So, I dragged Jac to Dessert House again. ;)

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And I am proud to introduce Jaclyn, who finished almost half of her rice. *claps hands*
For a girl who eats 2 grains of rice to last her for a year, it's an incredible feat!

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My House Special Fried Rice.
I ordered the same the last time, but I forgot I did. o_O

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Oh god, I want teh ais now.
And I could do with a steaming hot plate of fried rice now. :)

And oh oh oh, I found a new place to shop!!! :D

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Kids' department. ;)

The kids' clothes are DAMN CAN MAKE IT k! And so much cheaper too. :P

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Jac with her kiddy jacket.
Hahahaha, it looks like her head is superimposed on top of the jacket! :D
And gosh, look at her skinny legs. -_-

Err, my ultra can-make-it kiddy clothes! :)

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Don't they make you feel so HAPPY? :)
I am going back to get more! Provided my debit card is revived, that is. -_-

And as always,

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Max Brenner is the way to go. :)

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And I need to start wearing my retainers again, my teeth is starting to jut out. :(

One last picture for the day,

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This cracks me up! :D
I was hidden in the shadows, while Jac was cast under the sunlight.
Though she claims that she glows like an angel, I think she looks like a hantu photoshopped into my photo! HAHA!

Okies, I need to go study now.

I forgot to mention that while we were in the city yesterday, we also visited Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Chloe, Marc Jacobs...
And if I was superficial before this, I am supersuperficial now. ;)

Which is why I have to study hard, and work towards my babies.

Or rob a bank, whichever that is more convenient.


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mustardqueen said...

ah...can u like try and find the biggest size ever star print jacket from kids section?? Em, i just hope aussie kids are bigger in size... *cries*

So cute la the fing fing... *

revel in me said...

tze: Hahahaha I KNOWWW!! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, I took the biggest size already!!! 'Cause I wanted it baggy k, not 'cause I am big sized! ;)