Tuesday, May 29, 2007

t(hat) girl.

I was spring cleaning my wardrobe (heh, more like sifting through to see what clothes I want to bring back to KL, which turns out, there are aplenty--'cause my whole cupboard is filled with brand new summer clothes. It's winter now, WINTER. -_-), and I found some hats that I bought/brought over!

So, to put away studying for as long as I can, I started my little headgear show.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
A striped beret that I still haven't worn up till today.

And for some stupid reason, berets are a big no-no in M'sia!
It doesn't matter how good you look in it, or whether you can carry it off, the moment you're seen sporting a beret, you're labeled as 'pretentious' and 'wannabe'.
And people will think you're from Lim Kwok Wing, hee.

Which is why I say M'sia stifles fashion flair and style, bah.

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Cream white beanie!

Perfect for winter. :)
Which, I might add, is so close at our heels now. =(
I don't like winter, it makes me feel lazy. And winter in Melbourne doesn't even count as winter, we don't have snow!
So we get the cold and dreary weather, but minus the one joy of winter. *sulky*

Nevermind, concentrate on the positive aspects, can wear boots, can wear boots.

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My sequined cap.

Kind of la-la, I know... I actually bought it 'cause I wanted to do some DIY work onto it, but I never really got to it.

And I looked through my hard disk to find some pictures of me in hats/caps... ;)

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Sydney, last November, in my Sydney-bought Mambo cap.
(Oh gosh, look at my rabbit teeth!!! This is what you get if you wear your retainers thrice in a semester. o_O)

One of the best trips ever! Gold Coast soon, ay? :P
Which reminds me, I haven't even blogged about my Sydney trip, and looks like I never will. ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Got this cap along with my sequined cap, in S'pore, I think.

Jing and I, just back from our Christian Dior makeover, which explains the "drag" look.
Jing, if you're reading this, better start saving money k, I want to go for mani and pedi when I come back! :)

And last but not least,

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Haha, I crack myself up sometimes.

Ok, time for cheesecake.
And studies (as an afterthought).


Anonymous said...

Haha there's something so cute about this post... and I think you SHOULD wear that beret back home! Nothing is going to stop you from being our resident fashionista!

Grace Tham said...

OI!! Look like someone from Lim KOk Wing.. excuseee mee...being a lkw poser is an art ok haha you're coming back for winter too *yay!* does dance.. haha i love boots too i think i went a bit over and got 3 pairs.. wondering if i should bring em back to kl ;p haha...

Anonymous said...

daym those ppl and WEAR the beret...

worse come to worse....ill join u in the beret fest....

screw the whole jaga image in msia crap...ey ey??...=)

Anonymous said...

Hahahah Malaysians are generally prudes when it comse to fashion.. but that said and done, I don't have the balls to wear a beret in England, let alone in KL! >.<

mustardqueen said...

Nope... You did not bring the gold cap to aus... Cause I found it in the drawer infested with roach crap... =.=

Anonymous said...

OWH NOOOO!! *covers eyes with palms* I look damn drag! ;(

BooooOOOOoooo, I'm damn upset k, Jing has been doing sooo cooped-up with retail therapy that I only have RM 6 in my wallet! *sweatdrops* I'm considering checking into rehab soon! =Pp

On the bright side, I think I can add LV lining to my collection, HAAHHAHAHAAH! ;) Love love.. <3

revel in me said...

erintan: Hahha, but that's 'cause YOU are hot! :P

And thanks, babe! Good luck for yours too! :)

xahra: I am the resident fashionista??? AWWWW!! Haha, and the post is cute 'cause of ME!!! :P :P :P

grace_t: Touche! :P
I bought 3 pairs of boots this semester too!! Amd I still want more... Am looking for the perfect pair of tan colored boots.. =(
And nah, I don't think you should bring it back, it's too hot back home to wear it!
Oh, and when are yo going back! :)

michdixc: Hahahahha, if you have seen me back home, you'll know I don't jaga image at all!!! I sing in malls, and put food on my head, and err, I better stop embarrassing myself any further, hee. :P

Join the beret fest! :D

sof:I KNOWWW!! M'sian is still very bleahhh in terms of fashion. And why the hell don't you dare to wear beret!! You have so many pweetty clothes to go with berets and such!!! :) :) :)

mustardqueen: Hahaha, I think the cap was yours!!

Was it?


Jing the drag queen: HAHAHA, yo, drag! :P

And yay, I am glad we dah sign contract to have LOADS and LOADS and LOADS of girlie time when I am back!!


Love love to you too! :)

jmeei said...

You look so cute in the beanie!!! Wear your beret out in Malaysia la wtf no one's gonna laugh at you

I mean I wont


Grace Tham said...

hahaha i'm looknig for a tan pair too sigh, everytime i go out shopping for a tan one i come back with some other coloured one grrrr.. this change weather thing is bad wei.. gives us more reason to shop hahaha.. i wanna go coat shopping when we get back, join me? it's so hard to find xs or size 6 in syd *argh*..i'll be flying back on 18th June, you?

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with you about the "Malaysians don't embrace fashion" part.
I even got weird stares on the campus when I was in a babydoll top with skinny jeans wth -_-"
But oh,you got STYLE babe!Yes,YOU!
I salute every fashionista who isn't shy to flaunt her style...oh and that includes all of your friends too :D

-random reader/fan of your blog/HUGE fan of your stlye-

revel in me said...

jiameei: Hahaha you come wear with me la! I won't laugh at you too! :P

grace_t: Yay, count me in for coat shopping! But I am not getting any though, I have more than enough. o_O
And I am only going back on 27th, darn stupid exams that end late... :(

anon: Awww, you made my day!!! :) :) :) And I totally get you man, when I am back home, I guess the way I dress is considered overdressed, and some people will look at me funny.. Bleah. But I've always just continued dressing up though!!! I feel funny (and ugly) if I don't, hee. :P

Lynn said...

HAHAHAHAHAAH.. shower cap so sexy yo

revel in me said...