Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Time out.

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Guess what did I do today? :)

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After doing some minor groceries (read: potato chips), I actually went to Max Brenner alone, with only the latest copy of Cleo magazine as company.

By choice. :)

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I just thought it would be nice to sip on my favorite drink, skim through pages and pages of enticing buys, and have some alone time.
Mind you, I have never been an advocate of dining/eating/drinking at places alone; it just looks sad.
Like, you have no friends or you are such a social outcast or maybe you just have cooties.

Nonetheless, I have always secretly wanted to pop into Starbucks alone, curled up on their plush red velvet armchairs, with my feet tucked under my bum, a green tea frappucino on the table, and the newest chick lit release on my lap.
It just seems strangely romantic, somehow.
Not to mention, a little quality time with yourself is always nice. :)

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At least I know that if I ever do OD on anything, it would be iced chocolate.

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Can you guess which outfit(s) I like the best? ;)

It was a spur of a moment thing, that I decided to pop in for a rich peanut butter iced chocolate all by myself.

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And it was a peaceful, tranquil one hour that I spent with me. :)

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So what are you waiting for? Make a date with yourself today. :)

And if you ever see a girl all cozied up in Starbucks, her heels kicked off on the floor right next to the couch, with a dog-eared novel in her hands, that may just be me. :)


Anonymous said...

so cute! i'm tempted to do that too, if not for the friendless image. did do that in japan tho, but don't dare in msia dunno why.

Anonymous said...

i like the drink tingy!! so cute!!


mustardqueen said...

ooh I think I've got a similar top!! I got that fro Miss Selfridge for dam cheap... And damn MOD... See now my taste damn can make it already

revel in me said...

aud: Yea, I don't know why also, I dare to do so in aussie!
I think it's 'cause when we are overseas, we can really just be ourselves, not worry what people think; whereas back home, we are still subjected to people's views, in a way.

anonymous: The cup is damn cute right! :P Faster come drink! ;)

mustardqueen: Hahaha, serious, you have the same top?? :P This top is very long wann, cover bum wan! I wore it with leggings! :)

mustardqueen said...

yee my one almost cover the ass la... I wore with leggings also... heee.... Neh its the one I wore with the shorts picture u say my legs effing skinny that one... Something similar lar... Meh... we both pakai leggings together-gether with the top also... XD