Sunday, June 03, 2007


Tonight, I am unhappy.

Twas a strange feeling, to cry in front of a instant messaging window, to minimize it; and then open the other chat window, and start laughing out loud.

Tears, and laughter. Tears, and laughter.

Thank god I had you tonight. :)

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The day I left.

On nights like this, I wish I am home.

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mustardqueen said...

Ay ay... I was there too ok... And can u pls remove the ugly picture of me in it?? Cos i seriously look horrible and vegetable..

And cheer up la!! We're gonna be successful business women!! Screw UNIS AND COLLEGE!!! --___--

Monsta said...

hope ya feel better soon.. go shopping!

Anonymous said...

AwwwwwwwwWWWwwwwwwwwww!! *gives abundance of loves and kisses* ;) You know your sister is always damn witty wan right, def not only that night! *perasan* ;) LOVESIES YOU! Mwahhhh... <33333

P/S: Why do I look like charcoal in every pic harh, i'm 'damn fair' k! *disillusioned* =Pp

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Ooops, I didn't know you were there!! :P And haha, what's the meaning of vegetable laaaa.. Am I supposed to translate it or something! :P And STOP SHOPPING!! ;)


yellow_monsta: HAHAHHAH you know me too well! :P

But thank you so much! :)

jing aka arang batu: MUUUAKKKKSSS! <3

And you're still pretty low in the witty rank lerrr.. :P

c r y s t said...

*opps* presenting the gurl who mentioned she stalks ur blog =)

mustardqueen said...

OOH! OOh!! I'm in high witty rank!! The Guccis are innocent are from ME!!! Jing doesn't wanna reveal its from me so that you'll think she's witty!! NONO!! It's from ME!!!

*witty-ness shoots to 100%*

HAHAHAH!!! Em, vegetable is from I Not Stupid la.. Horrible and Vegetable it rhymes!! hahhahaha efu...

Lynn said...

i've should've seen you on sat night! then maybe you wouldn't feel so unhappy. :3

jmeei said...

Awww sisterly love so sweet :)

Hugs, cheer up!

revel in me said...

cryst: HIIIII!!! *waves hand excitedly* Haha, did you commented during work??? :P

mustardqueen: HAHAHHAHHA WAHHHH!! You damn witty! :D I should have known ler, jing where got so funny, wahaha.. :P

And it's vegetable and horrigible!

And my english very powderful wtf.

lynn: OHHH! You were there too, of course! I damn wish I could have been there too, sighh.. :(

jiameei: Yupppers, I love my sisters to death! :) :) :)

c r y s t said...

yala, i commented during work -_-"

i'm finish and done if my boss finds out =P shhhhh~~

Anonymous said...

Jing is damn kao funny k! -.-