Sunday, June 24, 2007

Don't come in when I am changing!

Good morning! Well, it's actually 1pm already, but I just woke up, so whatever. Am eating my breakfast now, it's this honey wheat cereal thingy WHICH I GOT CHEATED OF. 'Cause I thought, wheat, surely it's slimming right? And wheat doesn't really count as carbs right, since it's good carbs and all... But I just checked the label, and it says EXTRA ENERGY and CARBOHYDRATES, not Extra Slimming or Extra detoxifying! GRRR!

But of course, since it cost me AUD5. Eat only lah.

I usually don't study when I am eating, sort of like my break time, y'know... Thus, I am trying to prolong my breakfast as long as possible, although the cereal is so soggy and it looks EXTRA DISGUSTING now.

Didn't want to start a show, 'cause then I will feel compelled to finish the show, which would waste even more time, so I looked through my old pictures... I recently developed this obsession, and it's really nice to look at old photos in chronological order!!! Like a story unfolding itself wtf.

BUT. I realised I have another obsession!

Camwhoring in fitting rooms!

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I posted this picture before, and a reader commented that I look like a little Santarina.
Baby, roleplay? ;)

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But I don't take pictures of me trying on clothes though; I always snap shots of me in my own clothes. In fact, now to mention of it, I don't think I have EVER taken a picture of myself in outfits from the store that I tried on!
Which is kind of weird, I mean, surely I can take pictures of myself in my own clothes at home???
But I think it's the full length mirror syndrome-- give me a full length mirror, and I am out of control. -_-

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And another reason why I don't take pictures of my trying clothes is 'cause... Well, I am not proud of it, but I have this thing where I only wear my clothes once. :( Well, most of it, anyway. It's a really bad habit, I know, but it started from the fact that I have too many new clothes, and if I were to repeat clothes, I'll just never ever get to wear everything I have... -____-
So, if I were to snap pictures of me wearing something from the store, technically that already counts as me wearing once, and there wouldn't be any point to buy said outfit anymore!

I know, I sound like a brat, but I am anal like that.

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HAHAHAHA look at the amount of clothes that I tried on! I think I tried on more than 20 in that shop?
Out of which I bought 12, I think. -_-

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And hiding behind closed doors means I can be as silly as I want.

Until a friend calls me and scream, "WHERE ARE YOU!! We've been waiting for 20minutes already!"

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An all pink fitting room! Makes me feel so happy! :D

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And the whole purpose of this picture is to show that the buttons on my dress are little flowers!
SHHOOOOO CUTEEE! But I just realised you can't see it.
BAH. The whole point I bought the dress is 'cause of the buttons.

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And this is one of my favorite dresses that I bought this semester! :)
Worn out on a winter day somemore. ;)

The scary thing? I still have truckloads of pictures of me in fitting rooms. -_-

Ok, is it me, but do I suddenly itch to go shopping?


Anonymous said...

Hey Hui Wen, Guo Chai here! Omg your blog really pics overload, terjam my computer somemore. Do let me know if you are coming down to gw

mustardqueen said...

eeyer...why u so liddat one?? so scacry u know!! where got ppl posst pictures of herself in the fitting room again and again and again!! freaking scary....

And... I dun care we take picture in fitting room when u get back!! XD

Anonymous said...

i wanna go shopping too. but i am broke, and i've got family responsibilities. =(

c r y s t said...

y dun u post up ur stuff in stkl last fri?! u alwiz did post up on fri n i alwiz missed that. and i purposely stand by last fri for nth!! *sob**sob* i dun care la, i'm angry already!! :~(

and oh, i got THAT fitting room addiction too!! lolz =P

revel in me said...

gc: Oh my goodness, HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FIND MY BLOG!!! Haha! And I am going back to m'sia on wednesday!!! When I come back, I'll call you out ya! :)

mustardqueen: I KNOWWW!! The whole point of this post is to show how scary and weird I am, haha! :P Eh, promise ar!! We still need to do our F21 fitting-room-camwhoring-session!! Fuck those F21 sucky salesgirls! Mwaaahh! :)

jaclyn: Eeek, dear, everything's alright with your brother? And haha, you're NEVER broke! You shit money wan! :P

cryst: HAHHAHAH oh my goodness, you poor thing!!! I am having my exams now ler, can't afford to post stuff up! And I am not sure how much of my things I can bring home, y'see... :( Erm, for my next sale, I'll email you k! Don't angweee already! :D :D :D