Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Emo at 1am.

They are gone.

Smalls and Mey should have touched down a couple of hours ago, should have long been enveloped into familiar scents, familiar faces, familiar embraces.
Jac just left a little while ago.

I feel... sad. It's going to be so different without three noisy girls entertaining me. It's barely 2 hours, but already the house feels empty. Cold. Quiet. Barren.

I am telling myself to not be affected by the humming silence. To not be slightly disturbed by the fact that the three other doors along the corridor are locked shut. To not look at the shoes and slippers that are scattered outside their room doors.

Concentrate on the positive things, concentrate on the positive things. I could use this alone time to concentrate on studying for my 2 papers next week.

And hey, I could walk around the house naked for all I care! And shit with the door open. -_-


Thank goodness for the boyfriend. Immediately after Jac closed the door behind her wheeled suitcase, I messaged him to tell him that everyone was gone. And he replied me almost immediately, and promised to teman me from afar. :)

Better than my stupid sister, who when I told her online that I am all alone at home and everyone has flew home already, her reply was "You not scared ar? *scary eerie music starts playing*" -_-

And even though he was dead tired from work, he still talked to me on the phone for a freaking long time. We just hung up, and now he's back at the office, to work through the night.

Happy thoughts for the day:
I messaged him this afternoon, to tell him that I was eating Hello Panda, and that I was thinking of him, 'cause he's always making fun of me about Hello Panda, Hello Kitty, Mashimaro and goodness knows what keropok Keropi. I have a phobia of all these things.

He replied me, " Bee, why so ngam wan!! I just bought you Hello Panda!!!"


A stupid picture of us and Hello Panda.

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This was taken about 2 years ago, I think?
The idiot forced me to pose with Hello Panda, 'cause of my aforementioned phobia.
Hey, I like to eat it, but I am not proud of it k? =p

And while we were on the phone just now, I told him I cried earlier in the night.
Him (sympathetic/worried voice): Why, beee???
Me: 'Cause I watched Friends!!! :D
Him: Hah? All your flatmates flew back already, so you watched Friends, then you cry 'cause you have no more friends is it?????
Me: -_- NO LA! Rachel gave birth to her baby but she and Ross cannot get together!!!

Another time:
My sms: Beee, I LAAAAAP YOU!
His reply: You lap me? Or you want to lapdance for me???


I love you because of all these. :)

I love you in spite of all these! ;)


larnee said...

dun worry ler... still got me. haha... i think ur as entertainin in person as you are on ur blog. :)

jeanchristie said...

hee.. didnt know cm so lawak ;p

Anonymous said...

You better take good care and come back in one piece!!!! So sorry about the trash, and my dirty bowl i left in the sink =((((( I will make it up to you by volunteering to wash your dishes next time around! :p *hugggiess* <33 All the best for your next two papers! Oh, and don't eat so much maggi dy lar, fridge got alot of food you can take :p

mustardqueen said...

*eerie music plays ONCE AGAIN!!*


I damn mean but i like... -.-" OH and it's keropipi!! Not keropok keropi... -.-


5 big boxes i think? u're gona be fat!!

And I got one month fitness first membership for free.. Another one is 2 weeks. Dun ask where I got it from, I champion.. XD

Suet Li said...

eh your clothes all sold damn fast in lj lah can i get special discount for reading your blog (quite) religiously ah ah ah!
sorry comment unrelated to your post at all wtf

revel in me said...

larnee: Haha, remember k, what you saw of me that day is NOT MY TRUE PORTRAYAL! I am usually better looking, haha! :P And do you mean entertaining like a clown.. -_- Dinner on Tuesday k, MUST AR, FORCE JOEL TO!!! I will entertain you then!! :D

jean: Haha, are you kidding me??? My boyfriends is FILLED with lame jokes. ;)

kitmey: AWWWW, damn touched!! MWAAAHS, dear!! Miss you girls so much... And I have'nt been eating maggi!! *pats head* Can't wait to go back, MUST meet up ar! Facial that lifts eyes, wheee! =p

PS: I washed your bowl already! :P

mustardqueen: -____________-

But wei, 5 boxes, can last till I come back or not.. Judging from what I heard, you girls seemed to be devouring it with rapid speed.. o_O

And champion!!! Can I chup the 2 weeks gym membership for me, PWEAAASEEE!!? :) :) :)

revel in me said...

suetli: I FINALLY REPLIED YOUR COMMENT yo, don't merajuk already.. :P Hahaha just tell me which item(s) you like k! :D