Saturday, June 30, 2007

I want McD's now.

Ok, I hate photobucket.
Hate it with a vengeance.
Loathe it with venom.

I have about a gazillion pictures, hee, the amount of pictures a normal person would have taken on a trip to Penang or Redang or Singapore, I take in 1 and 1/2 days.
But because photobucket hates M'sia-- is it just me, but it NEVER EVER LOADS, here is just a fraction of my pictures.

Doe-eyed in Kluang Station.

I was melting in this outfit-- NO MORE SLEEVES for me.

Teeny made a super duper lame observation yesterday-- we were both had flying creatures on our outfits! -__-
(owl for me, butterfly for her, in case you're that blur).

And this is me trying out Teeny's chest, because she told me that she is much flatter now.
We 're a kinky bunch, yes, we are. ;)

Guess where we were!
Zara kid's changing rooms.
The salesgirls there were giving me disapproving looks.
HMMPH, at least I can fit into kiddy clothes!

On a deeper note, I'm not sure that is something to be proud of. -_-

And our first girls' night out since I was back! :)
We went to TGI's Fridays-- 'cause we only left the house for dinner at 10.05pm.

I've always wanted to take pictures in the car!
My dreams are all easily achieved wtf.

And I met Samantha in TGI's! =)

Ok lah, I am damn sick of stroking the screen lovingly in the hope that photobucket would reciprocate and LOAD my fucking pictures.

More pics tomorrow! :)

Emo momos.