Friday, June 22, 2007

It's that time again.

When going home is so real.
It's no longer a faraway plan that will materialize in 13 weeks worth of assignments and tests.
It's not longer an offhanded remark of "I wanna go hooome!!" anymore.

Actually, I have been feeling like that since... more than a week ago? :)

My mom called me a few days ago, to ask me what time she should fetch me at the airport, when should she call me, where should I wait for her.
It hit me hard, WOW, I am going home.

When I tell my boyfriend that I can't wait for your hugs and kisses!
They are actually just a few days away.
When we tell each other we miss each other, we both know, these words will soon be tucked into a dusty little suitcase and be buried away. =)

In fact, in exactly 7 days time, right at this moment, I should be cuddled up up to this Calvin Klein Truth-smelling boy in a cinema, watching Shrek 3. :)

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It's gonna be a little different this time, since you can't come greet me in the airport (why must people work), and I can't believe I actually have to wait one whole day before I get to see you!
But then again, the last time when you came fetch me from the airport, I expected a romantic and tearful reunion, mana tahu when I stepped out of the arrival hall, I saw that you saw me, but you still slowly finished your burger thingy and threw away the wrapper before coming to greet me. -___________-

What would be my first words when I see you..?
Should I straightaway kiss your lips, or should I tiptoe to kiss both of your cheeks first?
Would you pull me into arms? Or would you lick my nose ('cause you like to irritate me)?
Oh my god, what should I wear? Will you tell me that I look the same? Or would you pinch the fats on my waist. -_-
I can't wait to go to Jogoya with you! The dress that I purposely bought for Jogoya because you said you'll bring me there is still stashed in my wardrobe untouched, because you still haven't brought me there, pffft.
I want to hold hands while you drive, ruffle your hair when you sleep, act mulia when I give you the last keropok leko.
And I have all these naughty things that I want to do with you. ;)
And I need you to bring me to eat chicken rice! Pork noodles! Bak Kut Teh! Ramli burger! Murni! And we still have to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek 3!

But most of all, I just need to be back where I belong.

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Everyday, I'll see at least one of them online, the line "10 MORE DAYS!!!", "9 MORE DAYS!!!" and so on will pop up on our screens. :)

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Hey, ugly photos are a must, no? ;)

I can't wait for our girlie days and nights out! Haha, we share the same mentality-- we have too many new clothes, but no occasions to wear!! Wardrobe changes 3 times a day yo! :D
And manicures k! :) I am faithfully growing my nails now!
And I foresee many Kim Gary sessions... And Chilli's... And Secret Recipe... Kluang Station...
I want karaoke too! Jing, brush up on your Chinese songs.. And Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's When You Believe again ya? ;)
And it's great to know mommy bought Stephen Chow's DVD sets!! Wahahahah, we are so going to have a Stephen Chow movie marathon-- and be retarded the day after!!
And our Fucking Mental Day, can't wait, my dears! =p

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Yep, it's true, it's THAT time again.

I can almost smell my roti bakar. :)


Anonymous said...


this post brought a smile to my face:)

mustardqueen said...

its a pain in the arse seeing that pic... I no longer look like that!!! EH!! At least send me the picture and let me edit my pretty picture inside can anot??DAMN FAIL LA!!

U make me say something i dun wanna say here but beh tahan...

Pok lei ge kai la!!! damn ugly lar the photos...

Anonymous said...

Heeee, I was jst about to complain why always only the boyfriend! *jealous kononnya* ;) Eh, my Chinese songs damn can make it k! AND that pic is uber FAIL!! -.- We've so many can make it ones you don't want, you jst have to pick that eh? ;) Wait I know, you're hinting we need to camwhore more! *tee-hee* ;)

P/S: 5 MORE DAYSSSSSS!!! Cannnnnooottttt waittttt! Muacks.. <333

revel in me said...

aud: Thank you, dear!!! :) :) :) Thinking of home makes me smile to. =)

mustardqueen: HAHHAHAHAHH what pok kai pok kai all!! HAHHAHAHA you made me laugh damn loud in my room laaa... :P

jing: Yeaaa, we have to camwhore more!! <3 And 4 more days!! :) :) :)