Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pulang ke pangkuan ku.

I am back! :) :) :)

But I almost didn't. =(

Stupid Air India overbooked my flight, which I was only informed of 2 hours before I left for the airport. A painful 6 hours in the airport to wait and pray that I get a seat. Even a few tears shed in the airport, shame shame on me. Long story there, will express my UTMOST DISSATISFACTION towards Air India next time.

But at least I am home. :)

Got back yesterday, a super hectic day for me.

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Taken at the airport. A huge group of Indians.
Air India wtf.

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First activity itself, was a blind date--met up with Audree and Tze Ching, who are hilarious girls in real life. =)

Audree, I have something to confess, I was quite afraid that when I fetch you to Mid Valley, it would be akward and we'd have nothing to talk about; and I was plotting that should that happen, I will just press the "Eject" button and throw you out of the car. :P

And Tze Ching, you say "Why you like that wan!"as often in real life as in instant messaging conversations, haha! Have a safe flight! And hope that your UK experience will be fantastic, and I want to see you again in December k! All the best! :)

Outings with my loves.

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Teeny refused to take any pictures, something about lack of make up, pffft.

And I was so disciplined yesterday! Zara's first day of sale, Topshop's preview sale for members, and I didn't even step in to any shops! *pats self on back*

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Today's notches on the bed headboard: One dress, two tops, and one top from Zara Kids wtf.

And yesterday, after dinner with the boyfriend at 1 Utama, we were discussing what to/where to go.

Him: Let's go up and down the escalators!
Me: ??!!? -_-
Him: I want to hug you from behind, and do that over and over again... I've been wanting to do that for ages.


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Us on the escalator.


Anonymous said...

Last picture: GAWWWWWWWW!!!

Suet Li said...

sigh don't you miss me wtf

Anonymous said...

hi there! i don't know you but i just stumbled across your blog and i JUST HAVE TO ASK where you got your tan leather bag it is GORGEOUS. and also your lightwashed denim skinnies in your last post.

mustardqueen said...

walau kawan, come back so lama only update... we're busy ppl!! XD

Anonymous said...

i have a confession to make too: if we couldn't get along, me and tze were gonna move to the next table and leave u alone wtf.

haha but luckily we clicked *big shiny eyes

Anonymous said...

Hehe. I told you NOT to fly Air India remember? hehe. Glad you're back home. Eat all those delicious food for me ok. *sigh* I want my nasi lemak. =(

Adeline said...

Awww so sweet =))) I'm a sucker for romance, I melt when I hear such stories =D

Anonymous said...

thats the sweetest thing! =)

Anonymous said...

eh woman, boycott coming up! =D

revel in me said...

zahra: I hope GAAAWWWWW is a good thing! :P Bila nak keluar, woman!!! =)

suet li: Haha it's a secret wtf.

anonymous: Awww, thank you, dear!!! :) I love that bag too, I carry it everywhere! <3 Er, I got it in Melbourne, but I forgot the brand of the bag already.. :( But I got it in the city! As for the jeans, it's from Gasp in melbourne too! But it fits like a second skin, you need lotion to put it on and off. -_-

mustardqueen: I want to tell the whole world that your blanket is full of holes wtf.
MUAHHHH, karaoke! <333

aud: I thought you said move to next table, and whip out our laptops to chat!!! HAHAHA. And yaaa, thank god we clicked! If not I willl memburrukkan your name wtf. Bangsar shopping soon ya! :)

ran: HAHAHHAHHAHAA you bloody racist pig to your own race HHAHAHA. Tell you more about the whole morbid experience soon k! ;) And mmmmm I just had nasi lemak today! :D

adeline: Awww, thank you dear! There's not much romance, you haven't seen the days he fart in my face. -_-

wanli: Yes yes, it is!! :) :) :)

jaclyn: You cannot!! It's your godly duty!! It's your pride and joy! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

the last picture is so sweet ! envy envy...awwwww.... (",)- Yan Ping

Anonymous said...

love that tan bag so much been looking high and low for one like that!! do the jeans stretch much after wear?

Anonymous said...

FYI,I'm not racist to my own race. I was pointing out from a purely commercial view that Air India ain't exactly No 1 in the aviation industry. Just like I think MAS is a fucked up airlines. I once told a MAS official I hope MAS goes bankrupt! Heh. =)

revel in me said...

yan ping: Hahaha, your friendster is brimming with all these sweet pics k!! :P :P :P

anonymous: I KNOWWW! It's so hard to get a nice tan bag right!!! And the jeans don't stretch much!!! Which is rather unfortunate, 'cause you should see me everytime the jeans go into the dryers-- it shrinks again! -____-

revel in me said...

ranjotha: Dear, I was kidding k! Hope you weren't offended. :( And haha, you were so brave! Go kick MAS's ass! =p