Monday, June 25, 2007

To a T.

I am studying for my Marketing exam tomorrow, and I came across these terms.

Compulsive buying- Chronic tendency to purchase products far in excess of both a person's needs and resources.

Compulsive consumption- An uncontrolled and obsessive consumption of a product or service frequently and in excessive amounts.

Materialism- The importance a person attaches to material possessions.

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Salivating over my friend's Dior bag.

Eeek! -_-

Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow! Last paper yo! *jumps around in joy joy joy*


Lauranne said...

what a relevant subject to be taking, eh? :P
all the best in your paper! :)

Anonymous said...

DIIIOORRRR!! *squeals* ;)

ONE MORE DAY HONEY, STAY STRONG!! Jing has been demanding debts from all relevant people so we can bertai-tai when you get back! *eyes wide with delight* :D Lotsies luck for your paper, mwahhhh! <3