Monday, June 11, 2007


So many temptations around.

The Cheese and Onion Crinkle Cut chips in the kitchen cupboard.

The newest copy of Cosmopolitan lying on the coffee table outside.

Tim Tam Cornettos in the the freezer.

Episodes of Friends waiting to be devoured.

Blogs waiting to be stalked.

Hands itching to message the boyfriend.

Nails to cut, hair to brush, eyebrows to pluck.



I was chatting with Jing just now, and we were gossiping about dirtylingerie...

Jing: Waaahh, she lost a lot of weight!
Me: Yeaaa!! She lost 8kgs altogether!
Jing! WOOOWW!!
Me: Apparently she went on a vegetarian diet!
Jing: Wah, I want to be a vege too!!!!

HAHAHAHA, it's vegan my dear.

I love you, my vegetable sister! <3


tze said...

how can you reveal your stalkees on your blog!

Anonymous said...

nice bloggie =)

Anonymous said...

oh actually vegetarian and vegan are 2 different things..i think vegans don't eat dairy products while vegetarians do. why am i so nerdy!

revel in me said...

tze: WHY CANNOT!!!!

wanli! Thanks babe! :)

aud: EeeeEE, malu!!! I just googled it, and you're right, vegans are vegetarians who do not consume any animal products at all! You so smart! Not just a pretty face wtf.