Monday, June 04, 2007


Errr, the boyfriend and I fought recently.
But we made up. ;)

Me manja-ing online.
The boyfriend: why someone so loving wan?
The boyfriend: I thought she wanna fight one.
The boyfriend: :(
me: you think I chun li is it
me: :p
me: streetfighter
me: =p
The boyfriend: you are chun
The boyfriend: fullstop
me: AWWWW!!!
me: :D :D :D
The boyfriend: haha
The boyfriend: your happy buttons will always be the same huh


Me cracking a lame joke online.
The boyfriend: -_-
The boyfriend: x.x
The boyfriend: W_W
The boyfriend: nah
The boyfriend: that's you
The boyfriend: long eyelashes


This was what greeted me as an offline message on Skype:

[8:38:09 PM] Andy Cheah says: i love you forever and ever and ever! I love you so much more than you can imagine and I cant imagine a single day of mine passing without me loving you! =)

[8:38:21 PM] Andy Cheah says: Have a good night studying k sweets..

[8:38:28 PM] Andy Cheah says: i miss you more than words can say..

[8:38:36 PM] Andy Cheah says: =)

[8:38:42 PM] Andy Cheah says: bubye! :)


Is there any wonder why I love my boy soooooooo much, and we are gonna be together-gether, forever-ever? :D

And I wore the sweater I bought from the kiddy department today! :P

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It's strange that when I was young, I used to steal my mom's clothes to wear, with them hanging off me, while I went click clock click clock in her high heels, and now that I am an adult, I am turning back to kiddies' clothes. :)


tze said...


but damn cute

eh when r u coming back i'm flying june 30th will our paths cross =(

Anonymous said...

Hey!! You stole my "together-gether, forever ever" line!!! *hmmph* Then again, a GIRL said that to me, and Pri's never stopped teasing me about it. *sigh*.

mustardqueen said...

em dunno who say who's tempting who that night ah??? XD kla kla, dun wanna rub it in la... =D

Sing Yee said...

when i was 18 i wish to dress like a 22. right now..i want to dress like a 18 again!!!

revel in me said...

tze: I cute lehhh..*bats eyelashes*

I want to wear fake lashies too!!! :)

And I am reaching home on 28th morning, can we sempat meet each other???? I really want to!! :(

ran: Haha, I still remember you're the pioneer of the line!! *kowtow* :P

mustardqueen:Hmm?? Tempt what?

sing yee: Hahaha, how do they differ in dressing? I still dress like how I did when I was 18!!! With more smocks and leggings...=p

Oh wait, or is that a bad thing... -_-

tze said...

what's your msn faster give la cibai faster add

Anonymous said...

what is this berunding withuot me! there will be no msn convos without my presence im warning u wtf.

Ben Lee said...

ZooK Died*