Saturday, July 21, 2007

Accio Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


Oh my god oh my god, I am so excited that I am hyperventilating that I am bouncing on my seat that I am practically foaming at my mouth!!!

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After almost a decade of being a Potter fan, THE FINAL BOOK IS FINALLY OUT.
Oh my goodnesssssss.

Jing and I are going to queue up for the launch of the book tomorrow! At 7.01am k. And we are going to dress up too. It might be a tad embarrassing, but our love for Harry Potter conquers all wtf.

A glimpse of tomorrow:

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That's Fawkes the phoenix on her cloak by the way. Damn wtf right!!! :D


I have gotten the book!!! Sooooo happyyyyy!!!
And I am not going to have any contact with the outside world until I finish the book.
No radio, no newspapers, no blog-surfing, no MSN, no TV...
I am not kidding, there are some really weird characters who are out to spoil the ending of the book for dedicated readers like you and me.
For example, just the day before, I saw some fucker with Harry Potter spoiler lines as a nickname on MSN! FUCK YOU. I am telling you, ANYONE who spoils the last book for me is GOING TO DIE. A MILLION TIMES.
I will eat your flesh and spit out your bones.

Okies, I am off to polish off the next chapter of my children copy of Harry Potter ('cause my sister bought the adult's copy wtf), sooooo excited! <3


Anonymous said...

womannn get back to me! i need to settle my books.

revel in me said...

Erm, I'll sell the books to you la k! :)

Anonymous said...

hahah finally a reply from the mrs potter.thanks dear! when u coming back? the flat misses you!

Anonymous said...

you need more pics with all of you in it. that way people can perve at your shoes too. SERIOUSLY.

revel in me said...

smalls: And now you don't have to, 'cause I am living and breathing right next to your room! :D

anonymous: Hahaaha, do you honestly think I won't post pictures of my Harry Potter dress-up day! :D :D :D Will blog about it sooooon!=) And oooh, I had marvellous shoes to go with my outfit that day-- patent/leather-like loafer-ish pumps! Don't think I took a close-up of my shoes though! ;)