Thursday, July 26, 2007

So, I am back.

I admit, one small part of me expected to... see you at the airport with luggage in hand to fly off to Melbourne with me or something like that. 'Cause it seems like something that you would do, what with all your constant surprises.

Like how you pakat with my sister and mom on the morning that I came back to KL that they were supposed to fetch me 'cause you have to work, but actually you were the one to greet me with your trademark hugs and kisses. :)
Though it sort of backfired 'cause you couldn't find me, and instead of you finding me and surprising me by hugging me from behind, I spotted you and had to wave and shout to get your attention. -__-
And how you almost hugged a old granny because of my sister's tip-off that I was wearing a purple dress (when actually I wore yellow). -_______-

Or how you lied to me that you were starting your new job, and asked me to meet you for lunch on your first day of work, and when I spun around after locking my house gate, I saw you grinning at me in your car-- you delayed starting work by 2 weeks so that we could spend 2 weeks of undiluted time together. :)

But alas, dreams are dreams, wishes are wishes, and goodbyes were the reality.

Thank you, bee, for coming to the airport today, even though you could only see me for 15 minutes before you have to rush off for work.

But I am proud of myself. :)
When you told me gently right before you left, that I mustn't be a crybaby and that I cannot cry, I could still joke and flex my muscles and tell you, "Of course, I am strooong!!"
And when we gave each other lingering kisses right in front of the elevator where we had to part so that you could go to the carpark, I could still tell you, "Finally! My turn to send you off!"

I did cry, of course, when you called me while I was in the departure hall, but you couldn't tell, could you? 'Cause I was frantically dabbing at my tears while taking silent deep breathes so you couldn't tell that I was tearing. I cried in the plane too! But for a very short while. I think you would be proud too. :)

The only reason why I could be so much stronger this time is 'cause this is it, isn't it, baby?
The final goodbye. :)

We are not separated by thousands of miles or continents; we are just separated by 5 months.
And we could always cross our fingers mighty tight that you could visit soon right! =)

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'Cause the bimbo in me likes how our outfits matched. ;)

And until then, I miss you so painfully, and my heart is with you; always, all the time. :)


mustardqueen said...

I think you forgotten something..
*waves hands*

Me leh??

Anonymous said...

I want a post all to myself, hurmph! *cross arms over chest with a huff* With life-size poster too, thank you very much! :)

P/s: I'm STRONG too! *rawr* Love you much! <3

Anonymous said...

and me too! wtf.

so so does that mean you're coming back for good after u graduate? see you in a week or so i don't care imma be your leech:P

Anonymous said...

Awww so sad but sweet! :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahahaha why you so attention whore! :P

jing: The Hoe family are built from attention hoarders.. -_- And yessshh, you were very strong!!! But you broke down in the end. :P

aud: You too what!!! Love my bf? Missed by me?? I am confused! =( And I am welcoming you with open arms, leech! :P

jiameei: More sad than anything! :'(