Saturday, August 25, 2007


Remember this bathing incident?


Last week, I was in the shower, and after drenching my hair with water, I reached for my shampoo bottle.

Oh shucks, there was not a single drop of my Dove's Shampoo for Normal Hair left.
With a slight grumble under my breath, I wrapped myself in my towel, and went to my toiletries cabinet, because I remember that there is a bottle of new shampoo that I bought last semester.

After scanning all the bottles and junk in the cabinet, I could only see one bottle of conditioner. My grumbling got a little more fervent.

And then, I realised, the bottle of conditioner was the bottle that I was looking for-- I wrongly bought a bottle of conditioner instead of shampoo.



Never mind.
The next day, I made a purposeful trip down to Coles, and got my shampoo.

I happily doused my hair with my newly bought shampoo for 2 days-- it was supposed to be extra moisturising, and I was just gleefully waiting for my hair to transform into a cascading waterfall of shiny locks.

However, yesterday, I could be seen complaining and complaining to Jaclyn about the new shampoo.
"It makes my hair so greasy! So limp! So lackluster! No volume!"


Today, as I stood once again behind the shower curtains, and plop the dollop of shampoo onto my hair, I briefly glanced at the bottle.
Almost instantly, I knew something was wrong.
As quick as the glimpse was, it was enough for me to notice that there wasn't the word 'shampoo' printed on the bottle's front.

Upon closer inspection, and in true hui-wen fashion, lo and behold, it is a conditioner.

So now I have 3 bottles of conditioner, and no shampoo at all.


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A very grumpy me.


Monsta said...

awwws... hahahaha

Lauranne said...

i am such a sadist- that made my day.

mustardqueen said...

You want me to send you a bottle of Dove Extra Moisturizing Shampoo?? Moisture Rich summore... I didn't touch em in ur bathroom... *wink*

Use conditioner for one more week la, it should be there by then.... HAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

revel in me said...

yellow_monsta: More sympathy please. T___T

lauranne: Stop being a sadist... Donate shampoo to me, please!

mustardqueen: My hair very ugly when I use conditioner to wash my hair.. T____T Can send me Jing's speedy along with the shampoo you send, thank you very much.