Monday, August 27, 2007

Go to all lengths.

I am having a really bad sore throat now, but this is staring back at me.

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I have heard so much about Reese's peanut butter cups, which are only available in the US!
But we found them in Melbourne. ;)


At Mount Dandenong yesterday-- we finally went tourist-y in Melbourne! :P

Us, and all that we embodied.

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Kit Mey, age 20.
Trees, tall and looooong and skinny ones.

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Hui Wen, age undisclosed.
Bushes, short and stout. T____T

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Smalls Wong, age 20.
Mini shrub, inexpressibly short. And tiny. Possibly insignificant HAHAHA.

HAHAHAHAHA these pictures just tickle me so much! :D

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More pictures (and videos, if they are not too embarrassing) up hopefully by tomorrow, as soon as I get some from Mey and Jac and Smalls! All of our MSNs aren't working, and we can't send our photos to each other like how we do usually. Bah.

And damn, Web Messenger is annoying.


I succumbed to temptation and opened the butter cups, but they are all melted!!! T_T
But they taste better like that. (???)


Anonymous said...

reese peanutbutter cups:O:O:O. wherehowwho TELL.

mizzvickz said...

reese's peanutbuttercupz is sold in myers also.

revel in me said...

cass: I got it from Mt Dandenong! :D

victoria: Are you serioussss.. Damn shy wei, we went all the way to Mt Dandenong to get it. -_________-

When are we gonna ber-Tandoori again!! <3

mizzvickz said...

yeaps my friend offered me some last month and he told me he bought it from myers in chadstone.

lol. ber-tandoori?! i dowan to go back to the place we went to eat..unless it's to drink teh TARAH.

letz ber-italian or ber-western or ber-japanese instead. LOL.

mustardqueen said...



Send some back pls... Together with some of ur baju la... So ur luggage wont overload when u balik... ahaha


revel in me said...

victoria: That damn teh tarah is freaking good right!! :) :) :) And haha, I am still waiting for you to come back to me with our outing k! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, see how k! I will bring some for you all! <333

Anonymous said...

Midget on the chair? The red one is no midget! What an awful outfit, what an eyesore!