Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Coffee break.

I'm smiling to myself-- there's this warm fuzzy feeling at the pit of my stomach. :)

Why? 'Cause I just caught Ratatouille! Another movie to add to my all-time favorite animation films. :)

Excellent movie, good script, great animation, wonderful soundtrack, injected with humor, and most importantly, heartwarming.

I especially love that it was all about FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! I could totally connect with the movie, 'cause food is all bout the taste, the soul-- it's a passion! *kisses fingertips* Bon appetit!

I am still smiling! :D


The state of my room worries me.

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The mountain of clothes at one corner.
And this is only like, 1/8 of my wardrobe. -_-

I dug them out 'cause I was looking for this tube top:

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Three girls in a coffee house.

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White mocha. So smooooooth and milky, and very very evil for my diet. T_T

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Girly talks make my day. :)

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And I find it infuriating that I can't seem to take a proper picture without pouting. -_-

And I have a new skill!

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I can balance a bottle of body soap on my head!!!!
Watch out, skinny models. :P

And can someone please explain to me why men need sanitary pads?

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Anonymous said...

oh i read somewhere that men have pms too! like every month there will be a time where they get grumpy.

maybe the pads are for when they lau sai wtf.

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute, men hve pms! ;Pp Boo, i'm on a diet now too! *sniffs* Apparently someone hinted i'm no longer skinny and fabulous! (Not like i was in the first place lah! =P) But everyone is waffle thin these days! *peer pressure wtf* ;)

S h e r v e said...

men sanitary pads?!?!?!
damn rofl :p

Anonymous said...

they are for people with weak bladder control etc.

revel in me said...

aud: Hahaha, are you serious! Hmmph, men better be more understanding when we have pms, those cranky bastards.

And if it's for lau sai, shouldn't it be placed with pampers ar wtf.

jing: Hahaha, since when were you skinny and fabulous??? Skinny, maybe la, fabulous, errr...:D :D :D And HAHAHAHA, what WAFFLE THIN???!!!! Waffle where got thin!!! Wafer is it???? HAHAHAHAAHHA...

sherve: I knowwww!! Damn ridiculous right! :P

anonymous: Oh! I'm aware of that! Usually they have these for senior citizens.. The thing is, this type of diapers were at another aisle!! This men sanitary pad thingy was with the women's sanitary pads!! MIND BOGGLING. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi it's the girl who leaves comments sometimes! Just thought I'd introduce you to I've bought from there and I absolutely loveeee her stuff. I think they're handmade one-offs. And some are vintage!

tze said...

wtf it's for incontinence!

Rileen Aya said...

if it was for bladder control... a sanitary pad where got enuff... and the feeling of walking around in a damp pad.. feels terrible... but.. dont they use pampers for dat ?


*still curious*

revel in me said...

elena: Oh, and I checked out her site already, thanks dearie! :) But I make my own jewellery too! =)

tze: Haha, I know there're diapers for that, but like I said, this was with the sanitary pads, where else the diapers (for adults) were at a different aisle!

rileen: Yaaa, I know! It's like one of life's greatest mystery eh! :P