Monday, September 24, 2007


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He's here, safe and sound. :)

But I am sick now, and not being to kiss or be too close a proximity is driving me crazy.


Sue Lin said...

Read in a magazine that *ahemmmmm* helps heal sicknesses, sooooooo.....

=P Haha

And hey, mind if i invite myself over to ur house one of these weekdays? I should be in Clayton and wanna meet up with Chor Min (tell him i said hie!) and Kit Mey (haven't seen her since March!!), plus i love looking at houses. Plus I dun mind cooking! =P Will msg ya online!

Suet Li said...

don't care only la sick together-gether ma!
so niceeeee! =D

Anonymous said...

where si this dress from love!

revel in me said...

sue lin: Sorry dear, that we couldn't meet up last week, but our schedule was pretty hectic! :(

suet li: Heeee, is that advice from the experienced? :D

anonymous: I got my dress from Bridge Road! =)