Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy 45 months.

A conversation with the boyfriend:

Me: ....bla bla bla... then that day I didn't wear a bra... bla bla bla... when I took off the nipple tape, damn pain.... I felt like my nipples fell off!!.... bla bla bla...

The boyfriend: *ignores everything else I said* Why didn't you wear a bra???

Me: Oh! 'Cause my dress was really low cut... bla bla bla... Cannot wear bra lar... bla bla bla... damn ugly... bla bla bla...

The boyfriend: *gruff silence*

Haha, protective and possessive boys are shooooo cuuuuute. :D


I read up on one of my recent posts, and a comment on some old pictures of the boyfriend and I went like that:

" look so happppyyyyyyy in your pics!"

And it struck a chord in me.

It's true.
I not only looked happy in those pictures, I was happy.
It's not as if there's anything wrong with our relationship now, or that I am in anyway unhappy with it, but it's just that when you have been together for almost 4 years, out of which almost half of it was spent apart, you tend to take what you have for granted.

And all it takes is a simple statement to remind me,

this boy makes me happy. :)

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That's a heart shape, by the way. ;)

I love you. :)


Matty said...

That heart shaped thingy was oddly disturbing! lol Hello!! Haven't been around for ages but have finally set up the links once more :D HOw've u been? (besides being happily happy with your boh boi) ;)

Anonymous said...

heya, just a random passer-by. ;)

its amazing how you and your boyf pull through bout 2 yrs(correct me if im wrong?) of ldr and still remain so loving *respect*.. i know you guys probably have had your fair share of misunderstandings and arguments, but nth major i spose? my ex boyf was a super possessive and protective boyf as well and we were in a ldr, but we used to argue with each other like there was no tmr! how do you guys miraculously do it? jealousss :)
and both of u look sooooo cute together :)

ok, tat was a lengthy comment. sorry coudlnt resist commenting on how sweet your rship is ! ;)

mizzvickz said...

"felt like your nipples fell off"..THAT'S a hilarious statement. imagine IT falling off weih..hahahahaha

sorry but my imagination tends to run..hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Can understand the statement of ur nipples felling off.. =p it goes a long mile to stay pretty ha..that includes tearing ur nipples off with ur tapes.. boys couldn't understand the fact... but anyway I must say all ur pics with ur darling look so sweet ! =) thumbs up for the long distance r/s girl..I believe it has nurture ur r/s stronger and closer..absence makes the heart fonder.. =) sorry for the lengthy comment too..ha...

jus can't help to comment on ur sweet sweet love.. =)

revel in me said...

matty: Yay, you're up and blogging again! ABOUT TIME! :D And why is my heart-shape thingy ODD? It's sweet and romantic, some might say cute k.. Haha.. :P You've graduated!! What're you up to nowadays? :)

anonymous: Awww, dear, you're too sweet! :) We've been in a LDR for about 1 and 1/2 years, and I guess we have just fell into a rhythm that we could both identify with. And trust is the ultimate ingredient.. :) Actually, I do believe that LDRs could make a relationship stronger-- what doesn't break it only make you stronger right? :) But it's a pity that your ex was protective and possessive! I have friends with bfs like that, and they (the bf) are such a nuisance.. :( But I am sure better things are in store for you! *hugs* :)

victoria: So are you telling me that you're imagining my nipples dropping off now.. -_____________-

yan ping: Haha, YAAA!! Damn painful!! Another thing is WAXING! They should make men go for waxing so that they understand how much pain we have to go through.. -_- And thank you for your compliment! :)But haha, you're one to talk about sweet relationships.. WEDDINGGG!! <33333 Haha..