Monday, September 03, 2007

Sleeping pill,s anyone?

It's almost 4am now, and I can't fucking sleep. ARGHHHHH.

I need to be asleep by now, 'cause I have to be up early tomorrow to be at the computer lab to practice for my practical IT test tomorrow.

IT test tomorrow.
Presentation on Tuesday.
Workplace Law assignment (which has a whopping 40% weightage on my final grade) due on Friday.
Auditing mid semester test on the following Monday.

And I don't even know why did I chose a Law unit as my elective. I suspect subconsciously I am just kamikaze and all.
It's a miracle if I can live through this week.
And as if things aren't bad enough, I have been having the shopping itch, and I am just dying to get out of the house to shoooop.

And as busy as my schedule is for the following week, I know I'll be back blogging tomorrow, about the superficiality of mankind. I know it.

Once upon a time, when my days were sunny, and I was justifiably lazy.

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After this crazy week, I shall reward myself with a pair of Chanel sunnies. ;)


Anonymous said... sunnies.. *dies for*
tee hee


Anonymous said...

welcome to my life ; )

and i think i'm getting the gucci bag first. hehe.

revel in me said...

kelz: Hahaha, I know! I have been salivating over them for almost a year already! :D

jaclyn: Haha, wait la, next week! We be shopping hooligans. :P