Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Superficiality of mankind.

Background story:

2 weeks ago was the eventful day whereby Jac and I both bought our designer bags. Prior to making our purchases, we made pit stops at LV, Gucci, and lastly, Chanel. (We visited LV and Chanel twice before we bought our bags k-- this proves that we make cautious buys! :P)

Other than Chanel (where we met the most darling salesgirl who tells us about her purchases on www.net-a-porter.com and talks about Supre sales with us), the staff at the other two shops were cool (but civilized) to us.

However, after I bought my bag at Chanel, and we headed back to LV for Jac to get her bag, the sales assistant(s) at LV were considerably much friendlier and helpful. It could be the fact that we had a different sales assistant, or it could be because I had a giant Chanel paper bag in hand.


Which brings me to my question...

How superficial is the world?

I decided to take the matter in my own hands, and conducted a little survey of my own.

Details of experiment:
Location: Melbourne city.
Time: Last Sunday, after I bought my Gucci bag-- Smalls left for church, and I went browsing in the city.
Status: Gucci paper bag in one hand, Chanel bag in the other.
Hypothesis: The world is superficial.

First stop: Burberry
The last time I was in Burberry, the sales assistant was very unhelpful, and even bordering on snooty. This time around, the moment I stepped in, she came swooping over with a large grin, and a "How may I help you!!??" (exclamation marks are deliberate). I gave her a brief description of the bag that I was interested in (from the website), and within seconds, she was back with the bag and the infamous toothy grin. I told her that I don't plan to buy anything that day, she told me "NO WORRIES!"(grin intact), and asked me how else may she help me. I asked her to bring me a few more other bags, which she gladly abide; and when I left, she said bye in the most cheerful manner.

Second stop: Prada (in David Jones)
The salesgirl was on the phone when I stepped into the shop area (it was quite obvious that she was talking to a friend, from her laughing and joisting); and upon seeing me, she quickly put the person on hold, and came to me. I told her to take this bag that I was eyeing out of the glass cabinet, and she did so with a smile on her face, and proceeded to explain the makings of the bag and its counterparts to me. Her breakdown took more than 5 minutes. Again, I told the sales assistant that I am just looking around, and I left the shop soon after.

Note that all the while, the person on the line was still on hold.

Third stop: Miu Miu (David Jones)
I saw a most darling Miu Miu handbag (almost half price!!!), and asked a sales assistant to take it out of the glass case for me. The bag (of white patent leather and gold padlock goodness) had a funky lock and keyhole, and we had difficulties opening the bag. With a price tag of 900AUD, I told the lady that it's okay, as she struggled on with the lock. She politely asked me to wait for her for a little bit, and she ran to her fellow colleagues (who are stationed quite far away) for assistance. She came back enthusiastically with the bag opened, and even when I told her that I don't think the bag is me, she just gave me a friendly shrug and asked me to have a good day.

Fourth stop: Chanel sunnies section in David Jones
Super friendly and eager sales assistant, who nod approvingly when I try on the 'right' sunglasses, and still had a smile plastered to his face, even after me trying on nearly half a dozen pairs. I met the sales assistant from the actual Chanel store there, and all three of us had a conversation about Chanel accessories.

..... And did I mention that the day that Jac and I bought our bags, we went to Crown casino, and when we reached the entrance, we scrambled for our identification cards (for age verification purposes) as usual. The security guard(/bouncer???) took one look at the Chanel and LV paper bags with us, before asking us cheekily, "What did you buy for me?", and motioning us into the casino without a backwards glance at our IDs.
They ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check our IDs!!! -_-

Anyway, is mankind superficial, your call. ;)


Some pictures from last Sunday.

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Trying out a new cafe.

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Is it bimbotic that I chose a cafe based on its flower arrays??

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Erm, 'nuff said. ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I shoot you, you shoot me! :D

And I love the food of the cafe!! :) :) :)

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Delicious mocha.

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And a really good pizza. All handmade, and heavenly. :)
I polished the whole thing off! It's nice to not have sandwiches in cafes for a change.

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While shopping alone on Bridge Road when Smalls was in church.

Notice how the curtain has OPENINGS AT EITHER SIDES???
There was a horny man waiting outside, and I refused to let him have a peek of me changing, thus the camwhoring. ;)

And I had Malaysian/Indian food... Along with Hindi movies blaring on the TV!
Talk about being authentic. ;)

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My nasi Briyani. It looks kinda crappy here, but the chicken slices are actually hidden in the rice. I liked this! :)

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Roti canai.

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Butter chicken, which sucks 'cause it tasted sweet.
Savory food is never supposed to be sweet-tasting, NEVER!

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Tandoori chicken.
I have this baby tee which says "Don't feed the models". I felt that this chicken should have worn it. -_-

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And the ultimate fried ball! With curried potato filling.

And we had the best teh tarik! Best in Melbourne, I swear. In fact, it just might be better than a lot of places back home. ;)

The girls at the place we dined at, Nila:

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Smalls, Faye, me, Victoria.

And obviously Smalls isn't that tall. She was tiptoeing.


Anonymous said...

It's a shallow world despite the global warming. Tsks tsks. However, dear girl, I stll loved you even when you weren't deck in designer goods. My love, is true love. MWAHS!

mustardqueen said...

Not only did Gucci and LV treat us like this... BUT friggin topshop also!!! -___________-

What's wrong???

Sue Lin said...

Love ur flower pic! I'm gonna imitate that.

And apparently wearing trench coats(like the one in my latest post) gets u into Crown without id checks too

revel in me said...

smallswong: What has global warming got to do with shallowness!!! And mwahhss to you too! <3333

mustardqueen: How did topshop treated you??!!!

sue lin: Haha, well, I guess the trench coats don't matter, it's just me, I look young... Being short is a curse! T___T