Monday, October 22, 2007

All things seven.

Ok, I am so bored that I am going to do this:

Seven things to be done before my death

1. To travel to as many places as I could. And I hope to do this when I am young! I don't want to be forty and travelling around the world... Firstly, I wouldn't have the energy to keep up with the presumably hectic itinerary; and secondly, who would want to look at the pictures I took if I am old and wrinkly wtf.

2. Enjoy all the good foods that the world has to offer. I am talking about jet-setting to every country for their culinary delights, visiting the top 50 restaurants in the world, squatting next to the drain to try the well-known hokkien mee... I want it all.

3. I am not really adventurous person in terms of extreme sports (roller-coasters are my limit wtf), but I would want to try bungee-jumping/hang-gliding/para-sailing/ab-sailing. And I want to ride in a yacht! Or better yet, sail one. :) And oh yea, scuba-diving. And plain diving. And I want to ride in a helicopter!

Oooooh, this reminds me of this picture.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Helipad wtf.
H for Hui Wen! HEEHEE.

4. I want to lavish all my loved ones with gifts, just to let them know how much they mean to me, and how much I appreciate them being in my life! So cliched, but I think it's the least I can do for the wonderful people in my life. And this itself is going to cost a bomb, 'cause my sisters themselves would require the Louis Vuitton empire to satiate them, and I would need to buy the whole Manchester United team so that they could entertain the boyfriend... A brand new wardrobe + designer bags for the flatmates, the most extensive collection of sex toys for my best friends WTFF, all the best food and luxuries in the world for my grandparents and parents...

5. Which leads to the fact that I have to be financially comfortable financially-free FUCKING EFFING RICH. It's a ll a matter of get rich, or die trying. -_-
Ok la, I want to be well-off, but most importantly, there are certain goals and ambitions that I need to achieve. For myself.

6. Have sex in a public place.

7. Anal sex WTFFFFFF. -_-
Ok, on a serious note, I just want to try all the things that I have never tried before-- I am talking about random things like swinging on a parallel beam in a gymnasium, rolling on grassy meadows dotted with pink daisies, try wasabi ice cream, kiss on the Eiffel Tower, dye my hair red, appear in a magazine (haha!), sleep on 1000 thread-count bedsheets, french kiss a girl, wear leather pants, sit on a cannon, pierce my belly, tattoos(???), movie marathon with girlfriends (yet to be done! T_T), have my kids try the chocolate chip cookies that I baked-- fresh out of the oven, cut my hair tomboy-style, have my parents respect all that I have built for myself, to be a source of inspiration to someone, go to Tokyo again--but with my sisters, eat ice cream with the boyfriend in the park... :)

Seven things I will not do even if it kills me

1. Be ugly.

2. Not shop for the rest of my life.

3. Not being able to eat good food. And oh! I can't even not eat meat! -_-

4. To not be myself.

5. To give my body up for personal advantages.

6. I was going to say, to kill someone. But what Smalls told me that day about the movie 'Saw' is quite disturbing-- it basically portrays what lengths would people go to survive-- which includes, taking a risk on your life ('cause you have nothing to lose already), and killing others.
I am very perturbed after hearing her synopsis of the movie, and it made me wander, just how far I would go to sustain my life.
And well, I am not sure how much I would do (I think people, when presented in extreme situations, would react in the most unexpected way), but it's safe to say that I will not let any loved ones die.

7. To not realise my dreams, my ambitions, and my full potential.

Seven things I do when I’m away from public

1. Cut my toe nails.

2. Do my girlie stuff-- epilating/shaving/plucking.

3. Try on clothes in front of the mirror. *shy*

4. Admire my reflection.

5. Shower. And sing. Really loudly. While holding the shower as a mike. In a falsetto voice.

6. Check for breast lumps WTF.

7. I have come to the conclusion that there's not much I wouldn't dare do in front of the public. I would fart if I have to (but of course I will apologise. Or blame the person next to me HAHAHA), I sing really loudly anyway, I honestly won't mind if people see my applying make-up/lotion/facial mask etc. I am what you get! Keep it real yo yo yo wtf.

Seven fav sentences/quotes/expressions

1. Fuck you lah! (said amidst a fit of giggles)
Used when people insult me... T__T
Yes la, my comebacks SUCK. T____T

2. Are you SERIOUS?
Used whilst gossiping-- when find out new unbelievable (read: juicy) details.

3. BeeeeEEeeeeeEEE...!
Used only with the boyfriend-- imagine the most miang, sweet-syrupy voice you can imagine.
Yea, only we can stand each other. :P

4. I am hungry!
Used... almost all the time. -_-

5. Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.
-Bo Derek-

Honey, if it hurts so much, why are we going shopping?
Samantha: I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit.
-Sex and the City-

7. I like my money right where I can see it--hanging in my closet.
-Sex and the City-

Ok, the tag still has the following parts,

Seven songs

Seven things I’ll make you wish you didn’t do if you did

Seven people to tag

but it's time for me to get my butt back to the books! T__T

So I am going to end here.
I swear to god, this thing is the best time-waster EVER.

And on a SUPER DUPER HAPPY DELICIOUS ECSTATIC BESTEST NEWS note, guess what did my mommy just bought for me for my graduation present? ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
LV Damier Alma.
Waiting for me back home! :D :D :D

And oh, speaking of one of the things to do before death, here's one thing to NOT to do:
I ran out of underwear today, 'cause I haven't done my laundry, and I wore french lace briefs to my tae-box class.
Let's just say it was ITCH KINGDOM. -_______-
Don't ever ever try that!


Anonymous said...

When I was in Mercadante, that man threw a plate at my friend and intended to drop a cup on my head! I was shocked to death! Geee! ehhe

Anonymous said...

OMG!! that's so funny :P

Anonymous said...

"the most extensive collection of sex toys for my best friends"!!!!! Oy!! Am i gonna get this? Oooh...can't wait!! Hahahah....and um, anal sex heh? ;) I KNEW my horny sifu wouldn't disappoint me! I'm gonna have to come to you for more advice soon. Hahaha =D

Oh, don't know when ure exams are, but best of luck okay. Go get First Class Honours and be top of the class, and all that...high achiever that you are! =D

mizzvickz said...

anal sex....... -_-"
later must say bye bye to backside.

revel in me said...

nastyv8mp: Hahaha, he tried to throw a plate at us too! We all sceamed (all girls mah)! HAHAHA! :D

nat: Haha, what is so funny! My itching episode? T____T

ran: Hahaha, you know sex toys would be the most suitable for you HAHAHA! And no la! Anal sex is a no-no zone for me! Do you know that if you have anal sex, by 30 years old, you would have to poop into a diaper! -__-

And oooh, my exams will be over on 13th! Haha, first class honors would be pretty out of the question la, NO ONE gets first class honors in Commerce!! T___T But a upper second is pretty much a guaranteed.. :D

victoria: HAHAHA joking only la! My butt is only for exit, not entry WTFFF.

Anonymous said...

*pokes ur Lv bag*


vorac said...

Hui Wen, do you know there are somethings you should keep to half of the things mentioned there? jijik weh..

mustardqueen said...

u are so the fucking sick....

tae box classs with french panties... EEEYER!!!

hahahaa we met aunty sharon in mid valley today while shopping wtf wtf!! So ngam adn mom was beside!!! gah!!

revel in me said...

hallie: Haha! *sayangs LV bag* :D

vorac: Hahaha, WTF! Why jijik! -_-
Jijik then don't read! :P

mustardqueen: I really ran out of panties! Better than not wearing underwear right! T__T

Anonymous said...

eh why u so lazy dont wanna wash panty. later got some penyakit ok wtf. fungal infection WTF. with green moss WTF.

ok i want sex toys and handbagS ok can you die now wtf.

i damn long nvr talk to you ady T______T

jmeei said...

In reference to your last sentence- next time... just go commando!

revel in me said...

tze: HAHAHA I don't wear the dirty undies la!!! I did my laundry already, please stop judging me.. T___T

And ya! I haven't talked to you for so long! :'(

jiameei: Eeee, how can! Hahaha!

emmanuel said...

i was gonna ask the meaning of "WTF" cos its everywhere so am wondering if its different from wat i understand it as. am like WTF, y r there so many WTF's here. hey number 6 in ur list sounds fun to try, but number 7 is sure gonna hurt! am i saying!

Anonymous said...

Nah not the itching episode :P the anal sex thingy hahaha

Anyway I'm gonna link you mmkayzz? :)

Anonymous said...


and anal sex?? 0_o
and french knickers? 0_o
thank god you did your laundry or else you'll be walking around the flat pantie-less HAHAHAHA

revel in me said...

emmanuel: Errr, WTF is either something you get or you don't. :)

nat: Hahaha but you DO realise it's a joke right! *insecure* And yupsss, go ahead! But what's your link though? :(

jaclyn : And you would like that wouldn't you! :P