Sunday, October 14, 2007


Haha, recently I have been really mirthful... Always just chuckling to myself, even when I am alone. ;)

Jing, whom when I asked her on MSN how was her studies going in IMU,
She replied me,

"today i learned heart, at the end of my lecture, i was tempted to take my heart and throw it to the lecturer wtf"

Whenever I think about this line, I would just erupt into giggles... And this was a couple of days ago. :D

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Jing and I.

And your humor is getting more and more can-make-it la, dear... Bur I can't reveal the other funny likes you came up with, 'cause they are too controversial wtf.

Another reason being, the picture tag (which I did recently) which Teeny did... The pictures she posted were hilarious!

Some of my favorites... :P

For a picture you made a peace sign...

This is actually my brother!
But he looks damn idiot in this picture, hahaha.

Picture of hair-up...

Instead of posting a picture of an up-do, she posted a baby picture of her having, literally, her hair up! That's her in the middle.
HAHAHAHA I forgot how bushy her hair was when she was a baby... She was born with a gargantuan tuft of hair, like kena bombed like that, HAHAHAHA.

And no, that's not me in the first picture! Although I was also an ugly baby wtf.

And a weird face/scary picture...
Be ready...

This was taken in the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland! Ghost bride wtf.

And things like that really make me miss my sisters SO SO SO much. :(
Only they could be so stupid, so dumb, so retarded...

Until I found out that when Smalls posted the pictures of us in St. Kilda today on Facebook, she tagged herself, Mey, me, and my Gucci bag.



mustardqueen said...

chicken shit... why say I ugly... i was with a 12 mm long lashes ok.. -__-

Anonymous said...

I told Ting about the 'controversial jokes' and she smacked me super hard wtf! HAHHAHAHHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAH! ;) I mish you too and why are my pictures so ugly wtf! -.-

Anonymous said...

The picture of your brother with the peace sign is not that funny but the way you said he looks like an idiot is! And don't go to Crown so often!! That place cheats my money! Lol*