Friday, October 26, 2007

Quest for the perfect... hat.

Mey posted a shopping tag, and here's her description of our shopping styles:

Smalls - If it's expensive and branded, buy it.
Jaclyn - If don't have sufficient fund, still buy it anyway.
Hui Wen - If it's cheap but looks expensive, expensive but looks gorgeous, just buy the whole shop!



Hellooooo, everyone! I am going for a HAT PARTY tomorrow! A hat-themed picnic party, to be exact! :)
And yea yea, I know it's the exam period bla bla bla. You think hat parties come around often is it????

So anyway, obviously I have to shop for a hat RIGHT? :D
Hell be scorned if I am going to wear my winter beanies/beret/trucker cap for a hat party! -__-

It's the Melbourne Cup (horse race, for the uninformed) soon, and it's a tradition for everyone to dress up and wear all sorts of hats and headgears, thus, hats are in abundance everywhere! :)

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With Victoria, who along with me, said "Screw the exams, I am finding myself a hat". :P

And in care you are wondering, all my other flatmates aren't coming to the hat party, because they want to stay in and study. :'(

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Why do I look like I have the crazies here! T___T

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Here's a clearer (and more sane) picture of me in the hat!

I thought this hat is quite cute, albeit the fact that it looks like a songkok with a phoenix tail.
At least it's something unique! And I can so imagine wearing a cute LBD (little black dress), and silk gloves! And pearls! But then I would be overdressed for the picnic la.

And the more I look at this picture, the more ridiculous I look. -_-

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CFM hats wtf.
And if you need to ask me what is CFM, you are an I.D.I.O.T

And we went to Pancake Parlor again!
Everytime I am in Chadstone, I seem to gravitate towards it. -_-

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Victoria had WINE!

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... and I had an iced chocolate. -_-

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Whipped cream from my iced chocolate!
The drink is sinful enough, I don't need the extra calories! *self-reassuring*

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Our dessert: Apples and cinnamon with pancake and ice cream!

We had such a filling dinner-- can someone please explain to me why I am so hungry and craving for a juicy burger and fries now? :(

Anyway, I can't wait for tomorrow-- even the weather is predicted to be warm and sunny. :)
Are you curious to see what hat I am wearing tomorrow??!
It might be a tudung wtf.


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So long, bitches!


Suet Li said...

what is cfm wtf
i'm sorry i'm an i.d.i.o.t =(

jmeei said...

Ya I guess I'm an I.D.I.O.T. too...

Hahaha songkok

All the best for your exams!

Anonymous said...

I have the same starry top from Topshop! :D It looks fine on you but quite low cut on me :(

Anonymous said...

ya what is cfm T_______T

KITMEY said...

cfm = come from malaysia???

hahahah i dont know! dont laugh

Anonymous said...

CFM: come fuck me. hahahah!!

mustardqueen said...

HAHAH!! eh eh, remember to wear jubah that day also ah!! then it's one package!! songkok... hahahahah ok stop the controversy wtf!! Oh!! and ur fing fing dress damn can make it... And im very sure its not from topshop... :P:P its not right? HAHAHHA..

get one hat for me also... I want those with a lot of feathers one... :(

Anonymous said...

My No-Pants Partnerrrrr! *wheeeeeeeeee* ;) And what the hell is CFM?!? ='(

revel in me said...

To everyone: CFM is Come Fuck Me la! -_- Why so many people don't know what it stands for! Sorry k, I couldn't list out the full acronym because since my recent racy posts wtf, I realised that there are some uptight arses reading blog. PFAAHH!

suet li: You're not la, you are just I.N.N.O.C.E.N.T then! :P

jiameei: Haha, thanks dear! <3

anonymous: I got mine in Melbourne-- there's no topshop here! T_T And it's really low cut on me too! Half the day my bra was peeking out without me realising... And I have bought the smallest size they have! -_-

aud: EH, how can you call yourself a slut then! It's come fuck me! :P

pinkitmey: HAHAHAHAHA, WTFFFFF!!! Come from Malaysia!!! Champion la you! :P

smallswong: Are we the only smart ones in the world? <3

mustardqueen: I got it in Melbourne! And it's not a dress, it's a top, I was wearing shorts underneath, but the stupid top was too long, and my stupid shorts was too short... T_T Eh, I buy you hat, you pay me back ar? :P

But I do want to buy one of those feather-y headgears to play though! ;)

jing: SACRILEGIOUS! How can you call yourself a bimbo partner!!!! CFM shoes??? WHy you dunno!! *disappointed in you*

And haha, I Was WEARING PANTS OK! :p