Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two peas in a pod.

My parents think that I am a responsible, hardworking daughter; one who knows her priorities.
Seriously, if they see me, they will weep.

One week to one of the hardest exams in my Accounting degree, and I am flocking off with Jac to the city for the entire day. Get it out of our systems, we claim.

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Well, get it out of our systems, we did. ;)

Remember some time ago, Jac and I made a pact to go to a nice restaurant every one or two weeks? Well, the vow sort of fell apart, what with our busy schedules and skimpy budgets. But for our last fling out, we decided to renew our vows wtf.

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Enter Koko, at Crown.

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We were offered a window seat, and it would have been a magnificent view, facing the Southbank. But it was too couple-y for us! :(

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I wore my hair on one side, because I was only wearing a earring one side. -_-
I have lost one side of almost all of my earrings! T____T

Our really mouthwatering food...


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Beef rolls.

I have no idea what the beef was wrapped in, it tasted tough and chewy... But the beed slices inside were succulent and juicy, and I could taste all the flavors in it!
And the sauce, oh the sauce! It complimented the beef rolls and the spinach really really well.

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Fresh oysters with spicy chilli dip.

I don't eat raw oysters very often, had some pretty nasty experiences with unfresh oysters. But the chilli dip gave a nice zest to the oysters! Very fresh. :)


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Sashimi and sushi platter.

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Tendon, which is pretty much tempura with this interesting looking clumpy sauce.

A very safe choice, it tasted pretty much typical.

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Jac ordered a separate soba noodles for herself.

Sometimes her appetite could be pretty scary! -_-

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Raw quail eggs!

We were wondering what to do with it, haha.

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Jac scooping the raw egg into her soba.

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And green tea ice cream! Have been craving for this for a long time.
The perfect end to a fantastic meal! :)

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And the weather was so beautiful today! I am talking about warmth (rare in Melbourne), breeze, sun, and people in shorts and dresses. I am talking about "FUCK YOU, CARDIGANS AND JACKETS!". I am talking about light wind rustling your skirt as you skip and bounce, without breaking into a single drop of sweat.

I pity those who stayed in today.

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And our day was kind of unproductive, I guess, considering we spent almost 2 hours for lunch, and another 2 hours in Gucci, haha. But I did end up with a good and solid assembly of summer clothes wtf.

And and and! I lost my pashmina and my favorite cardigan! T__T
I left it in one of the shops, and I only remembered it after I left the city. How could I have been so careless! T___T
Jac is going to the city tomorrow, help me pray that it would still be there or the sales assistants kept it for me okay. T______T

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And oh Jac, I lurrrrrveee this photo!
We both look so cheeky and hawwwddd. *heart*

Yesterday was the last straw.

Now, it's finally confirmed that we are two peas of a pod! :P

It's scary how we always eye the exact same things, and how we buy the exact same things when we go shopping separately. The yellow Dotti scarf, the VG embroidery dress, the heart shape-print cardigan, the Ice dresses, and let's not even get started on the endless Sunny Girl cream/crotchet dresses we have. Truly my best shopping partner in Melbourne. :) And only now, could we go all out and just buy the same outfits openly, because soon we would be in different continents, and it wouldn't really matter whether we have the same outfits. :'(

And not to mention how we look so good together, that everytime we go out together, we get some sort of perks. Free hot chocolate for Pancake Parlor the last time, and a 15% off for the Collin Street boutique for no reason this time. Hell, we look so good together we are planning to get married wtf. Then we can share our bags! *MMMmmmmm* Hahaha!

You will be one of the things I will miss most in Melbourne. =(
I love you long time!


Anyway, I am in a dilemma!

I am in love with these two Gucci bags!

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I know, this looks quite similar to my current Gucci, but oh, I love the charms! And I love the green and red stripes... If I get this, I would get a smaller size, so that it would look a little different from my bag.

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I love the bow on this! SO CUTE.
And it would be nice to have a hobo for a change.
But it's made of plastic, instead of the usual canvas. It's good 'cause the canvas dirties so easily, and if it gets wet, may lord save you. Downside, the plastic may look tacky in some people's eyes.
Another downside, this is more of a seasonal item. Is it a better idea to get something classic instead?

And yes yes, I know, Gucci AGAIN?
Shouldn't I invest on a LV instead, since I haven't got that in my collection.

But well, I don't want to jinx it yet, but I *think*, I *hope*, a LV bag is coming my way pretty soon. :D

BUT, there is one LV that I am absolutely salivating over...

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LV Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive
I LOVE this bag SO much. It's definitely a must-get in my list.
Very very versatile, so many ways of wearing it.
Just need to save enough money now. *pffft*
A downside? The white vernis is pretty difficult to take care. :(

So should I screw the Gucci(s) and straightaway get the LV Vernis?
Or should I get one of the Guccis first, and slowly save for the Vernis?
If so, which Gucci???

Feedback, people, I need FEEDBACK! :D


KITMEY said...

I agree, you both look so cute together i wana pinch you girls muahaha. Both your dresses are gorgeous!

As for the bags, LV first, then the hobo bag ;) The striped one is too similar to your current one.

Anonymous said...

why are u so cute??
i <3 u wenny bunny!!!

and get the vernis so we can be married through bags.

but i have the soft sport for the striped tote, and u know why ;)

and get the chanel earrings! teehee

smallswong said...

mmmm love the hobo. its gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Hobo Hobo Hobo Hobo! *hearts* ;)

mizzvickz said...

i like the shape of the hobo but i personally don't like the fact that it's made from plastic. lol. and since i'm into 'practical' i'd take the other gucci bag. the lv looks kinda..small. it can't fit much can it?! lol. maybe that's because i have a preference for big bags as well...

AND NOW YOU have no excuse. i hope to see u at seven on friday night. say wanna study but..tsk tsk can go out today. lol.

andsssssss i was planning to go to koko and eat too but during dinner time coz my cousin's working there and i will demand for "Extra" food. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i know i know! buy a bag for me wtf.

and i love your photo posts with jac why are both of u so pretty T________T

Lauranne said...

striped tote ftw. i don't even see the competition!!

mustardqueen said...

i say... screw the hobo cos it's plastic la!! and it gets really ugly if it's stained!! and it'll turn yellow wtf!!! em... But the vernis damn small wey... and the tote is, similar to urs... Got any other choices?? Just helping you out la... I don't want my future education funds go wrong x)

revel in me said...

pinkitmey: Awww, thank you dear! We would love to pinch you too, but you're too tall, PFFT! :D

And hmm, am thinking about the hobo now. :P

jaclyn: I love you too! Although you're as thin as an A4 paper wtf.

Haha, vernis is a confirmed already la, vernis buddies yo! <3333

But there seems to be a lot of people pro-hobo! :(

And you get the Chanel rosettes too! You get, I get. :D :D :D

smallswong: It is! But it's plastic! Will be tacky or not?

jing: Hahaha, your opinion is biased-- anything with bows, and you're a goner! :P

victoria: I am thinking of a hobo bag too.. And similar to you, I am not too happy about it being plastic. And usually I love classic bags, but do you think the first tote is very similar to my current Gucci?

And the vernis is actually not that small you know! Quite roomy, can put my giant-ass wallet, make-up, handphone, camera, random junk, a bottle of water.. And maybe eben an umbrella too!
Yea, I tried out in the LV shop HAHAHA.

And sigh, I really would love to go! But going clubbing at night would really mess up my sleeping patterns and my entire weekend ler... :(

aud: EH, feedback rejected wtf.

T____T Why you so kind (and honest) to say such sweet things about us... T____T It means alot to me, I am charged with energy and love now wtf.

lauranne: Haha, I love the tote! But it IS really similar to my current Gucci! :'(

Precisely 'cause it's plastic, it WON'T stain, and neither will it turn yellow (coz it's plastic, with a shiny sheen/gloss/veneer to it).
And the tote, got charms! Cannot resist. T__T

Don't worry, my darling sister, I will spend your education funds wisely WTF.

Anonymous said...

WHAT education funds? ;) She's taking air-cond course WTF cos both sisters terhabis her share wtf! *high five* =Pp

Anonymous said...

the seconds GUcci bag looks nice!

U might wana have a look at Prada's latest tote! Darn gorgeous!

Anyways, may I know where did Jac get her dress? OMG I love all her dresses!!!!

Suet Li said...

i know i know!!! all also no need to buy wtf. one bag enough la why you need so many bags for wtf. sigh why lah why am i so kiam siap.

and yeah both of u look very good la i think it's because of the sun hmm and how can two small girls eat so damn much?!

revel in me said...

jing: Eh, n air cond course, 'cause that's what boy will be doing... We let her do fix-lightbulbs couse, NYEHEHEHEHE!

anonymous: Yea, I seem to get more people who are pro the second bag! :D And how does the new Prada bag looks like? Link link! :P I have been eyeing this small Prada tote, but it's a little pricey... T__T

And Jac's dress is from Ladakh, could get it from Myer... We tried it on together, but she tried it on before me, and she 'chupped' that she wanted to buy it, hahaha... I have even posted a pic of us wearing it in fitting rooms, if I am not mistaken! :P

sweatlee: 'Cause people should always aim for higher, better things wtf.

And aiyo, nothing to do with the sun la! It's our natural beauty. Good genes wtf. And hahaha, I am not small! I am bigger than you... T__T And it's not alot of food la, usualy we eat more wtf. Haha.. And actually, we wasted alot of food during that lunch. ;)

Anonymous said...

I read it off Elle magazine. It looked real nice in the photo, but the one in the website is a bit disappointing, a bit too plastic.

Do check out prada website if u're interested!