Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am officially a graduate! :)

Mmm, I like rolling the word off my tongue.
So crisp, so new...
A foreign word, previously; my identity currently, haha.

Yupps, results are out; I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my exams! Exams seem like something from the yesteryear. And I always can't get over how quickly results seemed to be released!
Nevertheless, I am very happy with my results! I was very disappointed with my results last semester, and well, I guess I could safely say I redeemed myself this time around. :)

All three of us were at home when results were initially released (online), and we checked our results almost simultaneously. After some teeth-chattering and nerve-breaking moments of clambering with the mouse, we all broke out of our respective rooms, and I would remember that picture forever...

Us jumping, and laughing, and screaming, "We have graduated! We have graduated!". When I saw Mey sniffling and crying, I couldn't help being touched, and my vision blurred with tears as well.

The girls went back to their rooms soon after to call their parents to inform them of the good news. I hesitated. My parents have never bothered to ask me about my grades, they have faith that I will do well, they know that I would. Neither do I think that me telling them that I have graduated (figuratively speaking, since my graduation ceremony has taken place yet) will elicit much emotions from them, they expect it.

Maybe I will drop them a text message later.


We are having a celebration tomorrow-- a nice dinner and clubbing, for all the graduates. Everyone seems so jolly and happy and proud, everyone is in a good mood.

And I silly for having mixed feelings about graduating? I don't want to leave this wonderful phase of my life, my university years were the best times. I don't want to take on the responsibilities that will inevitable drop on me like big boulders the moment I drape the graduation robes onto myself. I don't want to work, not 'cause I am lazy or spoiled, but 'cause I know when I do, carefree days would be out of reach.

I remember talking about this with a friend some time ago, and she told me that I should be excited that another chapter of my life is beginning. I see the thrill in that, but I told her, "Unfortunately this chapter of the book will continue to the end of the book."
And isn't that true? The moment we start working, we will have to slog and slog, be caught up in the rat race, and to be responsible for yourself. The responsibilities will only get immensely heavier, you will need to buy a car, later a house, saving for your wedding, starting up a family, paying off your children's education funds...
I feel as if I am on one side of a line now, where the land is joyous and worry-free, and I am edging nearer and nearer to the boundary. In a few months' time, I will topple over to the other side, when I will have to face the harsh reality that is life.

I think I am too morbid.


When you come to this stage of your life, one thought that really sticks onto you is growing up.
Long have we been sheltered in a place where things come easy, and where we could afford to take things for granted. When a new phase of life is looming so ominously over our heads, you start to question yourself. You wonder whether you are good enough. You doubt yourself. You start to query, what has become of you, what will become of you; what can you become.

Sometimes, I berate myself, because clearly, I do not look forward to the working life, and I wonder whether that it's a sign that I am not willing to grow up. I hate to imagine myself as a oversized baby who is clinging onto every last bit of her youth she can get her grubby hands on. But there are days when I think I am too hard on myself. Because the fact is, people resist change. Just because I don't look forward to growing up, doesn't make me a child trapped in an adult's body (though at slightly over 5 feet, I am still considered a child's body. -__-). I am trying to remind myself that I have to hold on to the child-like demeanor that is embedded within me. God be damned if I will be a sombre, lifeless adult functioning in a mechanical, soul-less manner.


Tonight is the last night I am staying in South East Flats. Tomorrow, I would be moving to the city, and I'll be staying there till the end of the month, where I would fly back home. For good.

Jac is already gone, she's back in KL in fact. Smalls is also not staying in the flats already. Tonight, there is only Mey and I under this roof. Tomorrow, there will be none.

I went on a throwing spree just now, basically throwing away anything that I wouldn't bring to where I am staying in the city, and that I wouldn't bring back to KL either. I threw away stashes and stashes of notes and assignments, the fruits of hours of labor and hardwork. But what is the point of keeping them, I thought. I threw away the pink decorative items I had scattered over my wall; little anecdotes to cheer up the miserable looking room when I first moved in. I threw away photos after photos of the boyfriend and my sisters, in which I has pegged and posted in my room; I will be going to them after this. Instead, when I am back, I will pin up photos of my life here, Melbourne. What a strange twist.

My room is barren now, bare shelves, empty wardrobes, clean walls. I have even removed the pink curtains that I have lovingly hung up when I first moved. Now, I am looking at the fugly green curtains that came with the flat. Tomorrow, when I leave the flat, it would be void. There would be no traces of me; it would be as if I was never here.


One of the most apparent change in my life in Melbourne currently is the fact that Jac has gone back to Malaysia for summer break. It's really sad, that in this one month ahead of me where I am under a mission to party, enjoy and explore, I won't have her alongside with me.

I think I scared my friends the day before, when we were in karaoke, and amidst all the emo songs, I started crying. I cried too during our slumber party. I am sure you are thinking that I will still see Jac when I go back to KL at the end of the year, but it's different. We won't be in Melbourne anymore. And once she comes back to Melbourne for her semester, we would be apart. Of course, I cried, not only because of Jac's departure, but also because of the fact that the Flat Hair Flat would never be the same again.

Jaclyn, come back to Melbourne!
There are still so many things we haven't done together! :(

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Before Mey's costume party almost 2 weeks ago.
We were desperately looking for costumes a few hours before the party started.
I was trying find a kimono, and here is Jac trying on a bunny costume.
Haha, look at how intense and serious and stern she looked. :P

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Who is going to take slutty pictures with me anymore? :(

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My best eating partner, who is willing to splurge on food and always eager to purge on food.
Who is going to accompany me to find new places to eat at now??? T___T

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And remember how we say our best pictures are usually with each other?
Does it mean that we will never have nice pictures ever again since we are separated now... T___T

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who is going to be the girl who is so compatible with me in pictures... The girl who is adventurous in camwhoring with me... The girl whom know exactly what to do in front of the camera the moment the lens are set in front of us...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Who is going to go shopping with me, help me dig for my size, helps stop me from overspending. :(

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

But of course, those are only the superficial reasons. The fact is, though we are different on many levels, we are compatible on so many more.

Same same, that's what we are. :)

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You will be the thing that I miss most in Melbourne.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gold Coast: Day 2.

It has been a rather eventful, not to mention emotional 2 days for me.
Don't feel like thinking about it now, I am physically and emotionally drained for the moment.

Pictures from Gold Coast again, I blogged halfway about it yesterday before running out for our slumber party. I still intend to adhere to my vow of blogging about the whole trip.

If anything, these few days have only reminded me how precious certain memories are, and I am doing all I can to hold on to them. Tight.

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Movie World on the second day.

The first of many theme parks to come for our trip. -_-
Currently, the idea of a amusement park makes me queasy!

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The mandatory group picture outside the theme park.
Yup, we had one (erm, few) for each park that we visited.
(left to right:) Vic, Chris, Kean, Smalls, me, Mey, Yen Hou, Chong, Jeremy.

I was actually dead sick on that day! T__T
Which was why I was hiding under my sunnies the whole day. T___T

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Shrek and Princess Fiona!
Can you see the little crown on my ogre ears? ;)

Sigh, I regret not buying these cute Shrek ears now!
At least it would make dressing up for Halloween next year easier. :P

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Can you spot anything wrong with this picture?

I am actually wearing slippers in the picture! I was actually wearing white pumps that day...
The reason being, we all wanted to take romantic Paris-ish pictures ala hanging off lamp-posts pictures, and my white pumps were too slippery for me to stay on the lamp post! T__T
Instead I just looked like a very ungraceful monkey scrambling onto the lamp-post. T__T
Thank god Smalls loaned me her slippers!
Wardrobe change wtf.

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Thirsty la, haha.
Smalls, Vic, me, Mey.

Pictures with the Movie World characters:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(clockwise starting from top-left:) Batman and Robin, Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny squashing me to death, Zorro who refused to let me pose with his sword, Batman and his entourage, Tweety bird whose beak I didn't get to kiss.

Aren't the little Batmen so cute!!! :D :D :D

Pictures of the parade:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Random pictures:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(clockwise starting from top-left:) Smalls scaring the wits out of me; the girlies of the trip; Smalls and I smacked in the middle of people's path as usual; Movie World rocks yo; super cute chubby Superman; before going on Scooby's Spooky Coaster.

By the way, the Spooky Coaster was the only roller coaster that I went on that day, 'cause I was sick, and I have a closet fear-- I am afraid of heights! T__T
All of the rest went on all the rides-- why are my friends so brave... T__T

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(clockwise starting from top-left:) Shrek 4D movie; Wild Wild West; barking orders at the photographer to snap the picture; being wet from the water slide ride.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(clockwise starting from top-left:) Cute Batmen again; pin-up girls for the vintage car; girls on carriage, scooter girl, the Superman Escape roller coaster which I obviously chickened out of going.

Some of my favorite pictures of the day:

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Wanna fight ar?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Gangsta girl.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
We can ride it all night long, HEHEHE.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I wasn't tall enough clamber onto the taxi! Hence the conservative pose. T_T

Gas station!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Adult version.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Kids' version wtf.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Bugstop! HAHAHA.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Loonies at the Looney Garden! :P

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Gotham City behind me. ;)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Gargoyles in the Spooky Mansion!
But if you peer closely, you could see the Exit sign, damn potong stim! -_-

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
What they do in movies.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rodeo, baby!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I LOVE how we played with perspectives here! It's actually only a two-dimensional background! :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The girls, scared to get dark, HAHAHA.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gold Coast: Day 1.

I vow to blog about my entire Gold Coast trip.
In all my past attempts on blogging on trips, I have never blogged past the second day. -___-
But this time, it shall be different-- too many nice and fun pictures, it's a sin to keep them to myself, haha!

First day in Gold Coast, in our rented car.

The car could only take 8 passengers, and there were 9 of us. But we didn't give a hoot, all 9 of us jumped into the car stealthily, and of course, Smalls was the one who has to slouch all the way down in her seat so that she can't be seen.

At lunch.
Sunnies are girls' best friend, especially when you look worn out and haggard!

Which reminds me, I almost bought a pair of Moschino and Versace sunnies. Both gorgeous. T__T

My smoked salmon sandwich.
Long live salmon!

We swore solemnly that we would have cheap(er) meals in Gold Coast, 'cause the last time we went to Sydney, we blew our budget on food-- averagely a whopping 30plus AUD on each meal (about RM100).
But of course, we found ourselves in a hotel, having Japanese food. -__-

Victoria and I.
Gucci bags playing peekaboo!

Salmon again! *love love love*
This is only part of my meal-- I ordered a set.
And it cost me almost 50AUD! T___T

Everyone: Mey, Smalls, me, Chong, Kean, Yen Hou(at the head of the table), Jeremy, Chris, Victoria.

It was Yen Hou's birthday!
And Jeremy is also known as Jem. He can start a band with Jewel wtf.

Dessert time!

Cold Rock!

I have been dying to visit this place since I heard about it from Jac. Apparently it originated from New York. The idea is: choose the flavor(s) of ice cream that you want, and select whatever ingredients that you want to add into your ice cream; the staff will mix it up, and there you go, your own concoction of ice cream!

I scream for ice cream!

Some of the mix-ins.
Just to give you a picture of what they have: Snickers, Maltesers, cookie dough, gummi bears, M&Ms, fruits, nuts etc.
I swear to god, I nearly quivered into orgasm when I saw that they have Tim Tams!

Mixing in the ice cream and the ingredients on the 'cold rock'.

I had Cookies and Cream ice cream with cookie dough and Tim Tams!
Yea, I am a HUGE cookie person. T___T

Being greedy and trying to steal Vic's ice cream, NYAM NYAM.

At Surfer's Paradise, with the two skyscrapers.
They have to make it illegal for anyone to be above 5'4! T___T

Everyone in dresses, except for me :'(

The tragic story is that, originally, I had like twenty dresses all planned out for this trip-- in fact, before this, I go shopping, and buy dresses with the trip in mind. But the girls told me that it's not practical to wear dresses in Gold Coast, what with the multiple theme parks and all, so I didn't bring my beloved dresses. T___T

And that marks the end of the first day. -__-
I know la, damn boring and lacklustre, but I was actually sick, and thus didn't follow the rest to Surfer's Paradise and the beach in the afternoon, so no pictures. :(

I was sick for the first two days of the trip, damn sad ok. It was just a blur of sniffling into tissues and croaking voices. :(


I am almost done with packing up my room-- I have to move almost all of my stuff out to the city tomorrow.
Yes, I am going to stay in the city during December, because the contract for my flat is going to terminate by the end of this month, and I figured it is more convenient for me to stay in the city anyway.
I didn't manage to find any boxes to pack up my stuff in, so I took heed of Audrey's tip, and I packed all my stuff into black garbage bags. T___T

Audrey works as part-time trash woman in her university, by the way.

And now my room is filled up with bags and bags of garbage bags, and I feel like I am staying in the trash dumps now. T__T
I just hope I don't mix up the real garbage and my garbage bags of clothes and shoes. T___T

And I am so so so afraid now, because I didn't realise just how much clothes I have. Notice I used much, not many. It's practically uncountable. T___T

I have absolutely no idea how am I going to bring everything back! And I am already going to donate away three big bags of clothes. I supposed I could throw away more clothes, but I haven't worn any of the clothings that I packed yet. T__T

I am now looking into shipping, but it is going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars (AUD) to ship my stuff, and I am not sure it's worth it. My dad would ask me to just throw away my stuff. But how could I!!!?? T___T

Does anyone know any good and reasonable priced shipping companies to ship from Melbourne to KL? Or if anyone is going back to KL, and could help me carry my stuff back, I'd be forever indebted to you too. T____T


Looking at the mountains of black plastic bags in my room, it is mind-boggling how a person's life could be compartmentalized and packed away.