Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gold Coast: Day 1.

I vow to blog about my entire Gold Coast trip.
In all my past attempts on blogging on trips, I have never blogged past the second day. -___-
But this time, it shall be different-- too many nice and fun pictures, it's a sin to keep them to myself, haha!

First day in Gold Coast, in our rented car.

The car could only take 8 passengers, and there were 9 of us. But we didn't give a hoot, all 9 of us jumped into the car stealthily, and of course, Smalls was the one who has to slouch all the way down in her seat so that she can't be seen.

At lunch.
Sunnies are girls' best friend, especially when you look worn out and haggard!

Which reminds me, I almost bought a pair of Moschino and Versace sunnies. Both gorgeous. T__T

My smoked salmon sandwich.
Long live salmon!

We swore solemnly that we would have cheap(er) meals in Gold Coast, 'cause the last time we went to Sydney, we blew our budget on food-- averagely a whopping 30plus AUD on each meal (about RM100).
But of course, we found ourselves in a hotel, having Japanese food. -__-

Victoria and I.
Gucci bags playing peekaboo!

Salmon again! *love love love*
This is only part of my meal-- I ordered a set.
And it cost me almost 50AUD! T___T

Everyone: Mey, Smalls, me, Chong, Kean, Yen Hou(at the head of the table), Jeremy, Chris, Victoria.

It was Yen Hou's birthday!
And Jeremy is also known as Jem. He can start a band with Jewel wtf.

Dessert time!

Cold Rock!

I have been dying to visit this place since I heard about it from Jac. Apparently it originated from New York. The idea is: choose the flavor(s) of ice cream that you want, and select whatever ingredients that you want to add into your ice cream; the staff will mix it up, and there you go, your own concoction of ice cream!

I scream for ice cream!

Some of the mix-ins.
Just to give you a picture of what they have: Snickers, Maltesers, cookie dough, gummi bears, M&Ms, fruits, nuts etc.
I swear to god, I nearly quivered into orgasm when I saw that they have Tim Tams!

Mixing in the ice cream and the ingredients on the 'cold rock'.

I had Cookies and Cream ice cream with cookie dough and Tim Tams!
Yea, I am a HUGE cookie person. T___T

Being greedy and trying to steal Vic's ice cream, NYAM NYAM.

At Surfer's Paradise, with the two skyscrapers.
They have to make it illegal for anyone to be above 5'4! T___T

Everyone in dresses, except for me :'(

The tragic story is that, originally, I had like twenty dresses all planned out for this trip-- in fact, before this, I go shopping, and buy dresses with the trip in mind. But the girls told me that it's not practical to wear dresses in Gold Coast, what with the multiple theme parks and all, so I didn't bring my beloved dresses. T___T

And that marks the end of the first day. -__-
I know la, damn boring and lacklustre, but I was actually sick, and thus didn't follow the rest to Surfer's Paradise and the beach in the afternoon, so no pictures. :(

I was sick for the first two days of the trip, damn sad ok. It was just a blur of sniffling into tissues and croaking voices. :(


I am almost done with packing up my room-- I have to move almost all of my stuff out to the city tomorrow.
Yes, I am going to stay in the city during December, because the contract for my flat is going to terminate by the end of this month, and I figured it is more convenient for me to stay in the city anyway.
I didn't manage to find any boxes to pack up my stuff in, so I took heed of Audrey's tip, and I packed all my stuff into black garbage bags. T___T

Audrey works as part-time trash woman in her university, by the way.

And now my room is filled up with bags and bags of garbage bags, and I feel like I am staying in the trash dumps now. T__T
I just hope I don't mix up the real garbage and my garbage bags of clothes and shoes. T___T

And I am so so so afraid now, because I didn't realise just how much clothes I have. Notice I used much, not many. It's practically uncountable. T___T

I have absolutely no idea how am I going to bring everything back! And I am already going to donate away three big bags of clothes. I supposed I could throw away more clothes, but I haven't worn any of the clothings that I packed yet. T__T

I am now looking into shipping, but it is going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars (AUD) to ship my stuff, and I am not sure it's worth it. My dad would ask me to just throw away my stuff. But how could I!!!?? T___T

Does anyone know any good and reasonable priced shipping companies to ship from Melbourne to KL? Or if anyone is going back to KL, and could help me carry my stuff back, I'd be forever indebted to you too. T____T


Looking at the mountains of black plastic bags in my room, it is mind-boggling how a person's life could be compartmentalized and packed away.


Anonymous said...

HAHA why so copy wan the original US version is Cold Stone! Cold Rock wtf. Later in Kl got Cold Pebble wtf wtf.

And why you go tell everyone that I'm a trash woman huh huh huh! HAHA can't I just preserve some vestige of dignity and glamor on your blog wtf.

yishyene said...

You can try Sevenseas shipping (, I used them to move from Melbourne to London and I found them quite affordable and most importantly very efficient. On the site it said it would take 3 months to arrive but I received it in less than half that time!

Anonymous said...

hey hey ship it back to malaysia dun throw away all ur a waste iskh iskh

thepinksloth said...
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revel in me said...

aud: HAHAHA are you serioud, it's called Cold Stone! Why so pirated version one hahaha! And Cold Pebble wtf.

And aiya, it's such a renown fact that you're a proud trash woman anyway! :P

yishyene: Thanks dear!! The site you gave me is just what I'm looking for! =) =) =) Oh, are the prices on the site in aussie dollars or USD? :)

anonymous: I would hate to throw them away too! I can feel my heart dying at the thought... T___T But if I really can't find a way to bring all my clothes back and shipping is too expensive, I might just have to leave my babies in Melbourne... T___T

yishyene said...

The last I remember it was in AU$!