Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It was at SS2!

My mood now? Warm. Fuzzy. Amused. Loved. :)

Just chatted to my sisters (mainly Jing, 'cause Teeny is having her SAM final tomorrow), it just leaves me in such a good mood! What with all our exams and everything, it has been quite some time since we have talked properly. Eh, I can't even remember the last time we talked on Skype! :'(

Haha, only my sister could come up with blackmailing my dad to get her a PINK stethoscope! And my dad, despite his disgruntled reluctance and name-calling (he called the pink stethoscope "ridiculous"), got her what she wanted. Ultimate bimbo, I am telling you! :P

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Oh, Jing, you cracked me up so incessantly! HAHAHAHA, thinking about our conversation just now still puts a smile on my face. And yes, your sense of humor and wit has improved again, HAHAHA!

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And Teeny, if you really flunk your exams, and become a road-sweeper, you know I'll buy you a Svarovski crystal-encrusted broom, just 'cause I know how much you like bejeweled stuff! :P

Ahhh, I really miss my sisters! If I close my eyes and pinch my eyelids close enough, I could so imagine us sitting in Kim Gary at 4pm ('cause we would have been there since 1pm), gossiping and laughing at other people's misfortune wtf. Else, we would be lying on Jing and Teeny's queen sized bed at home, comparing the number of holes on our old and hole-ridden pajamas. Disgrace to the family, my mom always call us. ;) And after chatting till 3 or 4am, we will hug each other good night, but taking care to not let our chest touch each other, because we'd be bra-less, and it would be too sensitive, HAHAHA. This form of hugging never fails to elicit fresh peals of laughter, and before you know it, it takes another half an hour before we are all safely tucked in our respective beds. :)

I don't really know how to describe what I share with my sisters; truth be told, I have not seen many sisters like my sisters and I... We are not only sisters, we are best friends. They are a major reason why I would miss home, why I could say I miss my family. Y'see, I am not that close to my parents, it's a long story there, but because of the lack of parental attention, we have became even closer-- there's a bond there, an unbreakable bond.

Sometimes, as warped as it sounds, I feel like a mother to my two sisters, because well, sometimes, my mom wasn't there for us. I don't nag them or rush them to bathe, I have my grandma for that, goodness gracious me! But I place the responsibility of looking into their personal growth, into their character formation... I don't really know how to explain it, I just want them to be good people. :) That's why I said I don't really know how to put our sisterhood into words, it's really complicated! ;)

And while looking for pictures of my sisters and I, I found these pictures! T______T

All taken at Chef Loong, SS2:

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Egg tarts.

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Malay kuih. I don't really know what you call it! It's like steamed sponge cake.

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Fried dim sum-- squid, prawn and cheese!

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Egg noodles with prawn dumplings in soup.

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Green apple and some funghi drink.

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Fried chee cheong fun-- my absolute favorite dish at Chef Loong!

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Steamed paus with buttercorn filling.

Oh my god, I need a hanky now to wipe my saliva! T_____T

And haha, yea, that was all the food for supper only! The Hoe sisters could put anyone to shame when it comes to eating. ;)

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I love you, my favorite girls.
I am counting the days for our next supper! :)


Suet Li said...

DAMN jealous la what u have with your sisters seriously really nice to have that. i just ate har mee *wipes saliva
it came free with my indomie wtf and i only had one packet =(

mustardqueen said...

OII!!!! i look like i jsut woke up la!!! and and and what the hell u shud have mosaic-ed my face instead!! they'll know how i look like la!! and hahahahha swarowski encrusted broom??

I JUST FINISHED MY MATH!! and im dying...

Anonymous said...

Wow, the first picture of me really cannot make it wtf! =( And and and i'm quite proud with my achievements with daddy, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm still imagining him calling up the company for a PINK stethoscope and his colleagues gossiping abt him wtf! =Pp

I mish you sooooooooo much, faster come back so we can create more occasions to wear our clothes! =D And so i can share-share your clothes! :D And Jing shall be your tour-guide to all the newest malls in Malaysia wtf! =D


The Faux Fashionista said...

Awwh that's so sweet! I'm jealous...I've always wanted a sister/sisters to share life with. And a pink stethoscope? Like, tota-freakingly awesome! How bout sticking on some Swarovski crystals to make it even prettier? :D

Anonymous said...

really envy ur sisters love.. =)very touching post..I wished I had a sister too ! =*(

counting down for u..would be reuniting with ur dearie and sisters soon... all the best for the exams girl..

revel in me said...

suet li: But you have a sister too right? Are you guys close? :)

And har mee! *slurp* Don't they sell it elsewhere?

mustardqueen: I think you weren't wearing make up! I got help you PS a bit ok.. T___T

And good luck for your other papers! Muahhhss! <333

jing: Haha, and I was the one who planted that image in your head! :P And I know, I really really can't wait to bertogether-gether! T___T

the faux fashionista: Haha, yea, I wouldn't trade my sisters for anything in the world!<333

And eek, she already looks bimbotic enough with the pink stethoscope, if she has crystals on it, I think they will kick her out of college! :P

yan ping: Haha, but don't worry, you have us, cousin SISTERS! :P Hopefully we can come visit you soon! <3333